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Hi dober-fam, first time post here. I have a 6 month old male dobie that all in all is in great health. He is very well potty trained and for the most part, knows where to potty...(he poops on the sidewalk sometimes) The thing with him is that, HE POOPS EXCESSIVELY. In a span of 5-10 minutes, he will poop two times, and on a long walk (at least 30 minutes) he will poop around 3 times and usually after the 3rd time, he will act as if he needs to poop, but barely anything comes out, if any...

Is this normal behavior for a puppy? His first poop is great, by poop standards. But anything after the 1st or 2nd, it starts to get real soft and mushy. He is currently on Taste of the Wild and has been on this for 2 months now.

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Welcome to Gentle Doberman and congrats on your pup! Sounds like the kibble he is on isn't completely agreeing with him. I have used certain flavors of TOTW with same results. I ended up going to Earth Born eventually and even one of those causes a bit of loose stool so I stay away from it.. It takes a while to figure out what food will be agreeable with each dog. I still have issues with my 2 & 1/2 year girl occasionally. 




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Canned Pumpkin. Only thing on the label as for ingredients should be 'Pumpkin'...


A large spoonful plopped over each meal.

Sounds like normal behavior to me otherwise.

Some dogs just like to poop a lot while on walks - but I agree that the food may be a bit rich for him. How much are you feeding, and how often?  Is he pooping other times of the day?

I have a male that normally does his business in the yard, but if I take him for a walk, he will try hard to poop somewhere in the neighborhood even if he just went in the yard before we walked.... when that happens, it is often a bit runny.  I think he just likes to go places other than his yard - haha. He is 10 years old now and has done this his whole life.  

Now any bitch I've ever had would try to hold poop for days if we were away from home - they always only want to go in their own yard. 

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Hey thanks for the reply guys, yeah, so i've been feeding him about 200g-230g of kibble a meal 3x a day. I think i'm leaning more towards the fact that he just likes to poop everywhere he goes. His poop looks good, just mushy towards the 3rd poop, almost like he's forcing it out for funsies. Going to transition him to another kibble just to see if it helps.

He pretty much sounds like a typical boy. The food you are feeding is decent. I would stay with either a corn & wheat free kibble or a grain free. I would try to keep the protein level under 30% until he is about 18 months.  I personally feed fish based food as I've had chicken sensitivity before (not puppies but adults). 

Use the dog food advisor website to help you choose a different kibble. If you have a good independent feed store by you, they are often a wealth of knowledge as well. Most employees at a Petco or Petsmart are pretty clueless about the quality of food.