Please help! Discolouration on my Doby

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hello fellow Doberman lovers. 


I’ve recently bought a Doberman pincher at 1 years old. The owner said that he got some discolouration on his lip as seen in my profile picture. The owner claims it’s from a scratch and the patch will grow back  

Does anyone know if the color will come back?


Thanks for your help!


I can't see the picture well enough to comment one way or another.

You can post pictures to this forum - best to use a photo hosting site like Flickr. 

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I believe the hair and color will come back after a while, I've seen plenty of dogs with such patches that grew hair back. Even my dog Atila, when he was a puppy, had such patch he got from a rough play with one of his friends. His hair grew back after some time. It did not take too long. 

Keep in mind that I am not vet - I am only speaking from personal experience. 

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Dobie took a little slice off his nose and lip on a barbed wire fence when he was young, and they were a lighter pink color his whole life. His nose scabbed over and then eventually fell off, right into his food while he was eating, so whenever anyone asked what happpened to cause that spot, I told them he ate his nose!