Paris' spay surgery didn't go well

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Yikes.. this poor girl has been through so much.. Des.. I know you like and trust your vet... but WOW..... UN detected.. I might be completely off base here, I'm no expert by any means..  but how can they not see a metal suture from the X-rays???

Let us know how she does.. we love that girl!

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The sofa, the sutures...the poor girl.  Hope you guys are doing better!

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Sorry I'm coming into this thread so late. Glad to hear she is doing better. It's truly amazing how close we become to our pets and they to us. I swear they can read our minds. Please keep us posted. Prayers and hugs:)

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awww poor paris. poor des.... Well wishes for your girl and yourself!

Paris doesn't seem to notice it at all, Dobermans are so stoic. They don't show the pain that other dogs do.

Kate you questioned the vet not getting them all. I do not have a lot of trust in vets to begin with for very good reasons. I have different vets that I use for different purposes as they all specialize in different areas. All of them will be very happy to take your money and pretend that they REALLY know what is going on and how to help a dog but they don't, it is an educated guess. It peeves me when people hang on to every word that the vet says as if they were God without researching the subject. Sometimes they lack common sense. I've caught so many in areas of testing and other things that they are behind the times with what is available.

So with that being said, the vet that did the surgery was the one that gave her the emergency C-section and knew of the problems she had afterwards not only in coming out of anesthesia but also the allergic reaction she had to her sutures. I wanted him to do her surgery as he had more experience with her recent problems and reactions. Funny thing is he was not my regular vet either. When Paris had her litter my vet was out of town so the vet that did the delivery and follow up was an old vet I had used in the past. So he did the surgery but did not take out the sutures. He only works a few days a week and I had to get her back in to have them removed on one of his off days. I would have really liked to have been able to wait seeing he knew exactly what he had done with her, but I was afraid that they would be embedded waiting 3 more days for him to be in the office. So I think it was just the fact he did something a little differently then the other vet would have and they missed some along the way.

I'm so glad that my dogs are really pretty healthy and have little need for veterinary care as we have not had the best of luck with the few things we have had done. I do research quite a bit when things go wrong and I have a huge support group within the Doberman breeder community that I turn to for questions regarding health and things. Of course there are the things that I have to take them in for but when I do I try and use specialty vets, or vets that understand the importance of proper testing and staying up on the latest methods. One of the most important things is one that will tell you when he doesn't know something and will find the answer for you or refer you to one that does. When we had Paris' litter I couldn't believe the incompetence that we encountered! I'm not sure what I will do when my usual vet retires which will be soon. He has already brought someone in to his practice and is only working a few days a week. Same thing with the other clinic that did Paris' surgery the one guy that I like there is the original vet that opened the clinic ages ago and he will be retiring! It is hard to find a good vet!!