New puppy in a newly rented home, need some advice!

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Long time forum lurker, and first time puppy owner here, whos been reading through these forums for well over a year in anticipation of owning a doberman one day. Anyway...

We just purchased our first dobe pup after moving into a new home. I have everything ready, only problem being that we were informed by our landlord that the previous tennants had an adult dog living there before we moved in. My worry here is that the previous tennant's dog may have not been vaccinated and therefore could possibly spread disease to our puppy. She'll be arriving home at about 9 weeks old and according to the breeder should be ready for her 2nd round of vaccines by then. I plan on disinfecting all hard surfaces with 30:1 bleach solution but am worried about the lawn and areas surrounding the house. I'm not sure about potty training and socialization out of the house. We already agreed shoes must come off at the door but I worry since we have carpet (the carpet was cleaned but that won't guarantee anything).

I've just heard so many horror stories about people tracking parvo into the house and previous dogs infecting a house and subsequently any puppies that arrive after. I just want to know if anyone has been in this situation before or could offer up some advice? Are there any preventative measures I'm not exploring? Am I being too paranoid? 

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I've never considered that but I will follow so I can be better informed!

I would not worry overmuch - hopefully all will be well. Diseases such as parvo can last for about 2 years in the soil - so truly, unless you are willing to wait 2 years, there is not a lot you can do beyond killing the whole yard with bleach.... not something I would personally recommend. 

The only other possibility would be to ask the breeder to keep your puppy longer - until he has at least 2 vaccinations in. 

In reality, there is always a certain amount of risk. I'd advise never letting a young puppy walk on the floor in the vets office or interact with any dog there (I'd never let my dog interact with another dog at the vets office at any age). Don't go out in public where other dogs gather - no pet stores, dog parks, etc.... DO get your puppy out to socialize in non doggie areas like stores and neighbors.