To Neuter or Not?

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Zeke is about 2.5 years old, and I'm starting to see some aggressive behaviors directed toward other male dogs as well as some overbearing dominance and consistent mounting around females. I'm always around to supervise his play, so no worries about accidents, there.

He's also having a lot of dripping down there, and has recently been treated for a urinary tract infection. 

He's already been through 2 surgeries in his short lifetime (dew claw removal and cropping), and I'm having a hard time with the idea of putting him through a third unnecessarily.

I've read about the chances of prostate cancer, but I'm not exactly sold on the idea of castrating him as a solution (I wouldn't do that to myself, although I have a chance of it as well).

I don't plan on studding him out, since he doesn't have papers. 

There have been no roaming issues---he's very attached to home since he's been here since 5 weeks (I know that's way early---different story). He's always supervised, and I always ensure that he is (1) well in my view or (2) secured inside the home.

Since I'm stuck in the middle on this issue, I'd like to hear some feedback from other Dobie owners who can offer some positive guidance.

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To me its a no-brainer.  Why put up with the unwanted behavior and put his health at risk to boot?  If, God forbid, he was lost, no unscrupulous person could pick him up and use him for stud.  The surgery isn't terribly invasive and generally they don't even know the difference. 

I don't know if it'll help with UTI's, and even my neutered male was not friendly to other male dogs when he matured - that's a Doberman thing, though it may be exacerbated by being intact. 

Just my humble opinion. 

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Yep.. Ditto

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I agree, if you are not going to breed, loose the gonads.   It will take some time, but he will lose the urge to show the ladies his love.

He isn't going to mature any more now, so neutering him will not change how he looks. I would not keep a male intact if I were not showing or possibly breeding a male. I have a Best of Breed winning Grand Champion 6 year old intact male ..... and I keep threatening to neuter him - LOL!

Neuter surgery is pretty simple unless they have a retained testicle. 

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simple answer - neuter no ifs ands or butts hahahaah its not a bad invasive surgery it just is and they don't care......really we humans put alot of emotions on our dogs that are undeserving of such silliness dogs don't care if they are intact or not, they go about their lives regardless; so make your life happier and safer and neuter.....

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From everything Ive read on this subject which has been a tonne, it seems to be the most contraversial subject regarding dogs of any breed, whether/when to spay or neuter a dog.  Ive yet to find a solid scientifically proven fact based answer on this topic.  The only thing Ive read that has any consistency is the younger a dog is neutered will result in preventing unwanted behaviour issues, but if delayed and behaviour issues are set they can become difficult to correct.

Of course none of this is scientifically fact that Im relaying since it seems more a matter of varying opinions from varying professionals and dog owners.

I personally would neuter young to avoid the unwanted behaviour, but it really seems to be more of a matter of opinion than anything.

So I say do what you feel is best for your dog, only you know your dog better than anyone.

Good luck with whatever decision you choose (:

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First of all - he's a gorgeous boy!

Second, he is done growing, which is good, because he won't develop health problems due to neutering early.

Third - I just read on Dr. Becker's site that 80% of male dogs will develop an enlarged prostate by age 10, and the only cure for that IS neutering.

So....I'd neuter him. It certainly will stop his tendencies to mount females, and hopefully will reduce his aggression to other males, although that's not as sure a thing because of male on male aggression with Dobies.