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Hi, I'm new around here. I've been reading this site for a long time though. I have a 10month old Blue Doberman male whose name is Dante. Currently Dante is about 65lbs (last weighed a week ago Monday), and stands at 22inches at the shoulders. I realize that at some point in the next 5 or so months he is going to add weight, but what about hieght?

When we first got Dante his old family (I don't think) was not properly caring for him. He had his ears and tail done, but was 6 months and only 40lbs. I found out that he had whip worm when I took him to his initial visit with the vet.

What I'm wondering is, will Dante continue to grow or have a growth spurt? Or can I expect him to stay about the same size?

You'll probably want to know about diet. I have him eating around 6 cups of Purina Pro Plan (the stomach and skin formula since blues have the alopecia). Should I switch to something else?

Thanks in advance by the way.


Hey DeMarcus

I'm pretty sure Dante has a little more growing to . My vet had said that at around 6 months they are at about 75% of their adult size . In my experience around 18 months is all she wrote . Now every dog is different . Some will be bigger some smaller .

As far as food goes . I think the best food you can afford and that the dog eats , is good food . You could buy the most expensive and best food they have but if the dog doesn't eat it , it ain't no good . Now I ( just me ) determine how good a food is by how it comes out the other end . If it comes out the same color it went in , the dog is not getting much out of the food . If Dante's little ( boy that's funny ) land mines are darker out than in , he's getting more nutrients out of it .

Jewel is on Orijen , quite pricey but it looks as though it's working for Jewel . Shiny full coat , LOTS of energy , darker out than in umpa lumpas [ more like Lincoln logs ] .

Here's a couple of sites that might help if you think you should change food or just to see how Pro Plan rates .

I personally stay away from any food that list corn in the ingredients . If you put a hungry dog in a corn field full of rabbits , what will it eat first ?

Best of luck to ya !

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Seems everyone I talked to suggested a different food.  I'm sure some are slightly better than others but if you give them plenty of exersize and feed them the right portions I don't know how much it really matters.  I feed Rocky Nutro and I've had a few people suggest switching but he likes it, he's very energetic, he has no digestive problems and he's not at all over-weight so I opted to keep him on it. 

It's about $35 for a 38lb bag....which is quite a bit cheaper than some food out there.

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Hard to say without knowing anything about the parents, and is Dante a mix, or purebred?  Dakota is a mix, and at 4 1/2 months, yesterday I weighed her at 23 pounds... she was 12 when we got her, and was in a shelter her whole life.  How big will she get?  Have to wait and see unfortunately, because there's no legit way to know, or even try to estimate.

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Thanks I'll take that into consideration. Thing about Dante is...he'll eat plan, alpo, purina, other dogs, cats, bamboo blinds...etc.. 


But, I think I'll have to check those links out. I haven't had the chance yet thanks to my clinicals. Luckily I have 8 hours there tomorrow. And yeah I hear you. I've already decided that the next Doberman I get will either be on the meat diet, or meat listed as the first ingredient. But yeah he is def soakin in those nutrients. At least I think...the purina stomach and skin is kinda dark to begin with.



Yeah that sounds like good stuff right there.



Yeah he's a purebread Blue...I never got to see the parents but I did meet his older brother (same sire & dame previous litter), he was massive. In fact he was at the hips of the previous owners hips and she was at least 5'8". Well I'll just have to keep my eyes on him and keep watching for the next few months.


Thanks again everyone!

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Hey Gunny.. I did not know that about the intake/output color..


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