My Doberman is in bad shape *Please Help*

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Any advice would be great! Over the past 3 weeks my Dobermans condition has gotten worse, it started with her yelping when standing up and carrying her head down low. I took her to the vets and I was told that everything looked pretty good except for what looked like mineral deposits in her stomach on the x-ray. We were giving some pain killers and was told to check back in a week. Of course she was doing a little better with the pain meds, until the pain got worse. Now she no longers wants to go up and down steps and just wants to lay down. She is hanging her head so far down it looks like its going to drag on the floor and she is becoming much more weaker each day. Her eating habits have not changed nor her digestive system. Just one month ago she was an active 8yr old angel runnig and playing with my other dogs.

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Did you follow up with your vet?  What did they say when she didn't improve?  Did they run bloodwork?  Did they xray just her stomach or her neck?  The way you are describing it, it sounds more like an issue with her cervical spine.  Not wanting to lift the head is not normal.  She probably doesn't want to eat because she feels sick.  If your current vet isn't giving you answers, I'd seek a second opinion.  Unfortunately, this isn't something that can be helped over the internet.  You need to find a vet close enough to you that is willing to do some digging and figure out what her problem is.  If you have any specialists in the area, that might be the best bet for you.  I wish you the best of luck and please let us know what the next vet says.  

Until you get her to the vet (and do in the next day or so!) don't force her up and down the stairs.  Give her a comfortable spot in the house where her food and water are near.  Only ask her to get up and move around to go to the bathroom.  Until you figure out what is wrong with her, keep her calm and quiet.

I agree wholeheartedly with Jes. If they didn't X-ray the neck I would ask for that to be done. The way you describe her not wanting to lift her head reminds me of wobblers. It's so hard to see our animals go through pain like this and feel helpless. She needs to get back into the vet for a follow up ASAP.

good luck and please post an update if you have the time.

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All the best thoughts and  prayers going to you and your girl.

It's the most excruciating thing to watch your loved one so helpless and in pain..

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How is her balance?Does she drag any limbs while trying to walk?If so,then Wobblers is definately worth looking further into.It sure sounds like a spinal issue.The fact that it came on so quickly would lead me to believe it probably isn't a tumor.Definately seek an x-ray of the neck and back.I had a dobe with Wobblers.This is a common disease effecting this breed.Look into it and seek a second opinion, and if it is Wobblers than there is hope with surgery.My boy made full recovery.Best wishes for a full recovery for your girl.Keep us posted.