Looking for new Vet in Metro Detroit

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I have a 5 month old Doberman puppy as well as 2 cats. So far she has had worms, a UTI, an eye infection (allegedly), and ear infection and a yeast infection in her ears. One of my cats has chronic bladder issues as well and the vet bills have really started to add up between the two of them.

The vet I was using previously could never fit me in when she was sick so I've been trying new vets but the ones I've tried have been a little pricey. The last one cost me over $250 when she had an ear infection.

I'm worried she has worms again as she's having diarrhea and her eye infection has not cleared up, which makes me think maybe it's allergies. All these vet bills have been really adding up and I'm wondering if anyone has a good affordable vet in the metro Detroit area. I'm willing to drive a little further for good, affordable care.



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This is my holistic vet - Dr. Anne Rice. I cannot recommend her enough - she saved my Dobe cross, Libby, who had Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Lib lived another 7 years (to almost 15!) with Dr. Rice's help. If I hadn't found her, Libby would not have lasted another 6 months.

With the problems you're having with your pup and cat as well, she would be able to help them a lot with allergy testing, and get them on a great diet that would be really helpful for them both. She also does a lot of other things - you can read about her on the website.

She does house calls if you're in the area, but she also has an office right off of I-96 that's really easy to get to.

All my dogs have adored her, and I do, too!