Itchy Scratchy and Bratty

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Isabel has been scratching like an insane mad dog. Oh my Poop baby!!! I can't make this go away for her! She is starting to lose the hair on her legs and underside. I took her to the vet earlier this week and they scraped her and said no mange! Thank God!!!

So what is it? Well it could be just about anything they said. Allergies maybe? I changed from the Canidae to PMI Exclusive Large breed puppy chicken and rice. Any ways after a week on this, she is going nuts so I am going to return it and hopefully get a refund. Or Should I try the sensitive food by this same company or forgo it and get a different brand but what?  I am thinking raw! I could very well do it with Izzy she doesn't have a beard to get raw meat stuck in it.
I may just try putting them All on Blue Buffalo I have NEVER had a problem with it. Other than the price

Oh and I ran across someone that said all Dobermans go though this Itchy Scratchy lose hair till they get a year old then things seem to magically start to get better. Is this true?


PS See, I told yall I need yall!

No it is not true what someone told you that Dobermans go through the itchy scratchy loose hair until a year old then magically get better. That may have happened to this persons dog but is not normal. It sounds as if it may be an food or enviormental allergy but I'm not a vet. Just a little to ironic it started shortly after changing to the new food. You also have to think if there was anything different that you put on the lawn she may have rolled in or different things you might have used in the house that may be effecting her such as carpet fresheners, cleaners things like that. Was Izzy having problems on the Canidae? Haven't you changed her food a few times? What were you experiencing that makes you keep changing.

You mentioned the blue buffalo, I'm switching my boy over to that right now. It is a nice quality food. Mine was having loose stools on his other food so I'm also going through the food search right now. I don't think Im going to keep him on the blue buffalo though. After studying the different foods all week. I've narrowed it down to Taste of the wild, Halo or Wellness. The latter 2 foods have websites you can sign up to and recieve coupons every month.

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Thanks RN nothing new on the yard or chemical changes in the house.

She was on Purina pro puppy when I got her. I was already using Blue Bulffalo with the Yorkies when I got her, so she was started on BB. But that was only for about a week. Well the price was too high to feed 5 dogs. I read a great review that Canidae was better then BB and less priced. So I put her and the Yorkies on it. For over a 6 weeks she had either soft or runny stools. Off to the vet we go to get her checked and she was positive for hooks. I started visiting the local "seed and feed stores" and came across PMT Exclusive. The rep. spoke so knowledgeable about it, so I bought it.

Yes I am leaning toward it being the food.

Judy really do your homework about the food. I got pulled in by the food rep about the blue buffalo and decided to buy it on her pushing, when I got home and researched a little better I liked the others that I was looking at better (for my dog and purpose of changing) . Now don't get me wrong it is a GREAT food, but their are others that cost less have better ingredients. It really pays to really research the ingredients. That being said not all foods work well with all dogs. I've never heard of the one you are using now, of course that doesn't mean anything. Check out the Halo foods and Taste of the wild along with the one you are using. If you want I can give you the comparison website I was on the other day.

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Poor Izzy. There are at times strange reactions to some foods. Fortunately for me, mine have not had that reaction.

Me on the other hand is a different story. If I eat dried beans that have been soaked and then cooked, I break out in itcy welts for about 20 minutes or so. Fresh cooked beans are no problem. There is something in the drying process that I react too. Everytime a Dr. asks me if I am alergic to anything, I go through that explanation and they just shake their heads.

You can try and put her on the old Chicken and Rice solution for gastric distress and see if that gives her some relief.

Benadryl for itchy relief, but you need to find the cause of it.

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My brain and the Internet are working over time!!! The food IS not bad it is just too much protein I really really belive that is our problems around here.  33 percent yee-haw I do belive I have found the problem to many problems I have been having. She was on ProPlan puppy the Crude Protein (Min) 31.0 % and she had UTI problems since I got her.

Maybe this will help us all!!! I mean what are we doing to our dogs in the name of better ingredients!!

With yorkies they always say high protein for healthy coats!! NOT so higher fat is what makes their coats shine!! I have been feeding them high protein too and but NOT any more. I am going to lower it but not too much probably like 20ish!!!

Anyways I am cooking some rice and a little chicken in it. i AM GOING TO BE DOING SOME TESTING AND  oops sorry caps was on, anyway and see what happens I am going to do a four day run.


Now I am a big big low carb believer and in it's defense nothing is wrong with a high protein diet until you add the carbs!!! So if I do decide (I don't want too) to feed her raw, carbs will not be added unless it is  vegetables. Add the rice or potatoes and our body turns to fat. Now where did I hide them pinwheels. ;0

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Rick it is caused from too much Uric acid!! Do you ever get gout?

Avoid foods that are high in alkaloids and protein. Meats, seafood, alcohol, herring, mussels, scallops, caviar, baked products, sardines, and most shell-type sea foods should be omitted from the meal menu.

Vegetables such as dried beans and peas, asparagus, legumes, mushrooms, spinach., kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, rhubarb, cauliflower, etc., must also be avoided, as their consumption is also related to increase the levels of uric acid in the body and so do eating white sugars and all kinds of fried foods.


Rn she is on some antihistamine from the vet!! Thanks!

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OK I found this and I am think hmmmm? That is eagctly how Izzy was acting!!!

The danger of feeding HIGH protein kibble

The "protein" dogs are biologically-designed to eat is supposed to come in the form of RAW TISSUE. Raw tissue is 70% water, and more than this, raw tissue contains natural enzymes that aid the dog in digestion. Therefore, when a dog eats raw tissue, he not only has plenty of fluids inherent in his meal, but he also has the aid of enzymes to help him process this meal.

A dog's kidneys are essentially "filters," through which nitrogeneous waste (protein waste) gets processed and excreted through the urine. When the dog eats raw tissue, the abundance of water and enzymes HELP the dog digest the meat, which in turn means there is MINIMAL waste that has to be processed through the kidneys.

Well, when we feed kibble (especially super-high-protein kibble), instead of feeding your dog what it's supposed to eat (raw flesh), you are feeding it highly cooked proteins, with all the water removed, and with all of the natural enzymes destroyed because of the cooking process. And if you add to this the fact that *most* of the proteins used in these high-protein concoctions come from "corn glutens," etc. (which the dogs can't even digest properly), this means that these high protein feeds become CONCENTRATED TRASH that your dog does NOT process fully ... and therefore your dog has AN ABUNDANCE OF UNPROCESSED PROTEIN TRASH he now has to filter out of his body via the kidneys.

In any filtration system, when you have an abundance of garbage going through the filter, and a state of not enough water to help it pass, you have the recipe for a CLOGGED filter.

And when those filters are your dog's kidneys, those kidneys will begin to labor harder and harder to get all of that excess "protein trash" out of your dog ... every day of its life that you feed this stuff ... and eventually, over time, this repeated exertion will start to clog those kidneys up.

And the signs will be obvious ...

Your dog will start drinking an alot of water all day ... and he will be trying to pee and pee and pee every other minute ... and what this should tell anyone with a clue is that the dog's kidneys are getting tied up. Sadly, however, most people have no clue.

What will then follow are urinary tract infections from the continual dehydration and effort, kidney infections, and eventually a total shutdown of the kidneys altogether.

So go ahead and feed those super-high-protein kibbles ... and scratch your head as to "why" your dog keeps drinking so damned much, and pissing so much ... but just be aware that the reason he is doing so is because YOU are killing him by feeding him way too much protein in dry kibbled form.

Just watch any dog that gets fed a super-high-protein dry kibble ... and every last one of them will be drinking a bucket of water a day, and pissing every other minute, and that is because their kidneys are being forced to work overtime every day of their lives, thanks to their owner placing them under this kind of stress with that kind of kibble.

So what do y'll think about this???
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OK read this and let me knwo what ya think?

Is too much protein harmful?

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RN where is that comparison chart at? the Halo foods and Taste of the wild are not found in my part of the woods. I hope all I am posting is helping us! There are plant proteins and meat proteins dud we all know that, but I have never question the dog food industry as I am right now!


I have had a time with my oldest Yorkie just maybe this will help her too!

I totally understand about questioning the dog food industry. I've really been trying to reasearch myself lately on it. I don't want to have to feed raw but might have to.

Thanks a bunch for the wonderful article you posted! Very helpful and it makes sense to me.

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20 minuets ago I gave Izzy a RAW chicken thigh!...It took her that long to get it eaten. It was small not even medium. But it is raw protein. I'll see how she fairs with scrathing!

LOL She didn't know what to do with it. So she licked it all over the deck. Well that is just dandy now the deck is contaminated LOL Finally she got it on the ground and laid down with it and started holding it with her feet. uggg! Now it is all over her!

I don't like this one bit but they say eating bones slows down the swallowing which gets their tummy juices ready to do what it need to do.  And that is better! It's just so ..... I dunno, messy?


So any one with suggestions, like just throw it on the ground as lol that is where she put it.?

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Personally, I would de-bone the chicken and just give her the meat and skin. Supposedly only cooked chicken bones are dangerous, but I still don't like chicken bones.

Large bones in the wild, the canine does not actually eat, but will go after all the meat on them. The reason dogs eat cooked meat bones is that during the cooking process the meat flavor penetrates the bones and that is why the dogs eat the bones. In the wild, when the wolves take down a large animal, when they are finished only the bones remaing - uneaten.

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Hey yall look what I found..........RAW FEEDING 101 By Bill Carnes

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Pet Profiles

Judy-  thanks for the post on feeding a high protein diet, it was very interesting.  I don't feed my dog high protein, but I know of people that do.  I feed him Innova Large Breed Puppy and have had good luck with it.  It is somewhat expensive but I think it is worth it.

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Thanks TMBjunior I'll check that one out too...


I have joined and asking questions that I think might get bettered answered over at dog food chat! LOL a forum for everything!! Wish me luck I want answers!

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Judy - is Izzy doing any better on her new diet? Hopefully all her itching has been cleared up.

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Yes Sorry I have not gotten back yes she is doing mucho better but God only knows why cause I have been pouring the oils to the pups and I bought a truck load of vitamins. Um I also bought Apaha cubes which I break into tiny bites and feed to them dry and WOW they all LOVE IT!! But not wet!

I am following the remedy for the fawns and the Blues just encase her coat is confused LOL as to what color she is...again LOL!!! Here it is.... I will have to post this into 2 posts to get it all to you all...


Remedy for hair loss, especially in blue and fawn Dobermans

B 50  ............................................ 1 tablet twice daily

Folic Acid 400 mcg ............................... 2 tablets twice a day

Melatonin 1mg .................................... 1 tablet twice a day

Fish Oil 1000mg................................... 1 capsule twice a day

Vitimine E

Another ------ Remedy
In its basic form, this was posted to DQ by Marj Brooks. We've tried it on a blue bitch puppy that had horrid skin and coat problems. The results were almost immediate and all were positive. We make no claims to its effectiveness other than the fact that it worked for us.

•• B-Complex ••

We use B-50's. The vitamins are mostly in equal amounts.....especially the B-2 and B-6. We gave one tab, FOUR TIMES A DAY as prescribed in the DQ. We tried cutting down to two a day on these, because of her age, and immediately saw a turn for the worse. After upping it to THREE, the success curve went dramatically upwards. We found that, for a puppy of eight months, THREE a day was sufficient. I would highly recommend using FOUR on an adult.....or at least a dog of 12 months +.

•• Brewers Yeast••

Marj's article recommend 7-grain. We had difficulty locating 7-grain, but easily found 10-grain. As opposed to the original directions of giving one 7-grain four times a day, we went with one 10-grain THREE times a day. It appears to have been successful.

•• Folic Acid ••

The recipe in DQ called for 1-mg, prescription size tabs, 1/4 tab, four times a day. It's proved to be very effective to use the 1/4-meg size (250mcg) and administer accordingly = ONE TAB FOUR TIMES a day.

•• Additions ••

In addition to the above formula, we also include ONE Ester-C tab daily, in place of straight Vit. C; and ONE Chelated Zinc tab (50-mg) for total flea control.

•• Conclusions ••

The blue bitch puppy involved with this recipe not only had a "typical blue coat" , but was affected with generalized Demodex; thereby having extremely DRY skin from the get-go. She was dipped in Mitaban medication on a weekly basis, which added to the inordinately dry condition of the skin and coat.

Within 10 days of putting her on this 'recipe', the surprising results were obvious to even the casual observer. Her coat took on a silky-like appearance, her skin no longer resembled elephant hide, the actual hairs in her coat felt thicker and softer to the touch...... and the coat darkened considerably.

When we attempted to reduce the amount of the B-Complex (by 1/2) because of her age, it only took three days for us to see that she was beginning to dry out at pressure points. After increasing the dosage by ONE tab daily, the dryness began to disappear. We've kept her at that dosage level and have seen no digression to the previous dry condition. Please note that the B-Complex also has small dosages of Folic Acid. I believe the Folic Acid plays a VERY big part in the success of this formula.

•• Disclaimer ••

We highly recommend this recipe, but as stated above, claim no responsibility for either its success or failure. All dogs are not the same and therefore, do not react the same to medications and/or supplements. We are not vets and do not assume to be giving directions to ANYONE regarding their dog's health or physical conditions.


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Also I am steaming parsley, straining and then pouring into their water bowls it helps with body odor and mouth odors...that is one reason why but here are a LOT more.... Infact we all should be on Parsley!!

Do you know the benefits of parsley?

    Parsley leaf of plants known and traded with us at home we eat in restaurants
    with food of the plant benefits from what he will Tqrap in this article, and
    definitely does not stand a definite science will discover more and more of the
    wonderful benefits of this plant
    Good start for the journey of knowledge

    One of the plants available in the market at reasonable prices, and accessible
    to all, yet he is at home Pharmacy semi-integrated, so-called right (the king of
    vegetables). Because multiple studies on it decided that it contains a lot of
    mineral salts, such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamins A,
    B, C, as well as beneficial acids and volatile oils useful, as well as
    antioxidants, and therefore vary benefits the many and varied between prevention
    and treatment .. ..

    Parsley contains vitamin B-9, which is a catalyst for the protection of the skin
    in summer, in addition to stainless steel metal fatigue and stress, and parsley
    also contain abundant amounts of calcium, and even a greater proportion of
    calcium is found in milk.

    In addition, parsley contains folic acid, beneficial for the heart and blood
    vessels, and the impediment of fetal malformations,
    And also contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C,,, thus plays the key role
    in strengthening the eyesight, and the prevention of night-blindness,
    Parsley and maintains the integrity of the skin and impurities,
    It also prevents hair loss, and using Lye of the scalp.

    Parsley and to contain antioxidants, it cleans the body of toxins,
    and prevent the symptoms of premature aging.

                                                  **Benefits of parsley**


    Parsley juice helps a lot to lose weight, with its effective and clear to
    dissolve fat and grease accumulated in the human body.

    Blood circulation and the heart:

    According to the parsley in the treatment of anemia, and thus it is the
    treatment of anemia,
    It also helps to expand the blood vessels,
    And works on the renewal of tiny blood capillaries,
    And regulates blood circulation in the body,
    Besides that it is beneficial for the heart.

    Useful in the treatment of liver and gallbladder.


    Parsley strengthens muscles of the body,
    it also renews the cells.

    Urinary system:

    Parsley eases the pain of the kidneys and the bladder and urethra,
    It also addresses the Bimaptha urinary tract stones,
    Boiling the seeds of parsley is used to treat drink urine retention).

    Nervous system:

    Parsley strengthens the nervous system;
    furthermore, it strengthens the memory, and resists oblivion.

    Digestive system:

    Parsley, savory,
    and helps to digest food,
    It is also an effective treatment for constipation and gas; it is laxative, and
    soothing, and soothing the stomach.


    Parsley useful in asthma, and respiratory disorders,
    Juice and parsley address pulmonary infections,
    So that the parsley in boiling water for 10 minutes, then drink it several times
    during the day, to purify and cleanse the respiratory system.


    Boiling parsley (package in a liter of water) wash the face, he repeats his
    greenness and vitality,
    It also deals with pimples and grains, and that drinking it twice a day for a

    According to the boiling parsley painter fatty skin, while maintaining the
    integrity of the skin and purity,

    Also uses compresses the breast to treat infections and breast problems,
    It is then diluted to the heat, and sweaty.

    Reproductive system:

    Parsley Lye intravaginal effective treatment for women, for the treatment of
    gonorrhea white and menstrual disorders, and that they are organized to

    The immune system:

    Parsley increases the body's immunity against many diseases.

    Parsley oil is used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

    The Iatbroidha suicide of bio-energy and physical strength.

    Parsley useful in the treatment of rheumatism.


    Boiling parsley helps in the treatment of thyroid gland,
    So that boiled at night, and then drinks from a pint before going to sleep, half
    a liter on an empty stomach, for 3 days.

    And chewing parsley eliminates the smell of onions in the mouth