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Hello!!!! We are new here. We have a 1 year old Dobie his name is Maximus and we LOVE him so much!!!!! Our love is actually what brought us here. Since little Max (Moose as we all have grown to call him) was little he has been prone to infections. We started to notice after a couple hours at the dog park he ended up with a eye infection and we would have to put antibiotic oinment in his eyes (broke our hearts cause it was sooooo hard for him) we have now boycotted the dog park we were taking him to when he came down with CPV (canine pap virus he got warts in his mouth) apparently it is HIGHLY contagious and he most likely got it from playing with another dog who had it...needless to say this little boy catches EVERYTHING. Well recently he has been getting NASTY respitory infections so his nose gets all gunky and he is on his second round of antibiotics for this, we give him animal probiotics with his pill everyday. I know it can't be good for him to keep being on meds and it breaks my heart that he doesn't feel good. The next step is a nasil xray to see if something is lodged up there, we have already done the culture where they tranquilze them and go way up into the sinuses. I HATE putting my baby through all of this. Can anyone help??? He is on a fish based food. We just want our little man to be healthy and happy and we hope anyone on here can help us. Thanks

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My only thought is that his immune system isn't as strong as it could be - you mention a fish based dog food, but not what kind. What are you feeding him? If it has a lot of additives/wheat/corn/etc. it would affect his health.

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i agree with checking the food and lots of omega 3 and 6 are very good to boost the imune system [ coconut oil first cold pressed organic , sardines , ect.]