Homemade Treats

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Greetings all!

We recently got our first Dob! He is 11 months old and his name is Rhett. We made him some homemade treats using sweet potatoe and he loves them. We are curious what kinds of homemande treats you have had success with. Of course, we would be happy to share the recipe we used. Thanks!


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Congratulations on never peeing alone again! There is a definate reason Dobies are referred to as velcro dogs. I too make sweet potatoe jerky for my girls. They sit in front of the oven while they bake in the oven.

I've found lots of good recipes for cookie type treats on pinterest. Our favorite was candy cane cookies at Christmas. They had peppermint and parsley in them for nice fresh breath. I love making my own treats, know whats going in them and my 13 year old daughter always taste tests them herself...sometimes i can't keep her out of the puppy treat jar!

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I take raw organic canned pumpkin and spoon dollops onto foil wrap them up and freeze them and pull them out for treats after thawing a bit.....

Other than that I haven't made any