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My Doberman is nearly 4 years old. Over the last few months he has started having hind issues, where his hind goes down and he has trouble lifting his legs when climbing steps. His hind legs go under his stomach and occasionally his hind legs shake and have given out. He has had extensive X-Rays, blood work and an MRI. No issues were revealed. We were able to rule out wobblers, hip dysplasia and other common Doberman health issues. He has just started a two week steroid program. He has gone from a very active life style to little or no exercise. The neurologist we went to see is just as baffled as we are. She is recommending a spinal tap and a nerve biopsy, but we are skeptical of that. Has anyone encountered something similar to this, or can point us in the right direction?


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oh wow sorry to hear that this is happening with no known cause, it's terrible to be chasing things in the dark so to speak

Hoping someone hear has some advice or a direction to go with this I don't know doberman health so can't be of help there but to be of support while you search

Rottie hugs to your dober dog!!!

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Hi Kahuna, Wobblers comes in several forms, disc miss alignment, disc over development, degenerative myelopathy etc. Its usually diagnosed as a process of elimination, meaning if no identifiable cause can be defined it is wobblers..

Wobblers is essentially something that causes a disrupted signal to limbs.

First thing is to eliminate any thing that can aggravate the condition.

Barrier off difficult terrain in your yard, establish ramps to avoid many steps.

Upgrade food to something for joint health - Hills Science Diet, healthy joint and mobility.

use glucosamine dog treats or other osteo-type treats.

Make sure bedding is soft

Talk to your vet about Synovan injections (highly metabolized glucosamine) - 1 per week for four weeks then 1 per month.

Ruling out any tumors or infections causing weakness these steps will help the physical condition of your dobe.

State of mind is really important, establish rituals that your dog can look forward too.

I wet towel washed my dobe when i get home from work, she is all ways waiting for me and brightens her day (something to look forward too)

lastly ask about an anti- inflammatories but beware of prednisone, also known as pred-x. Its very hard on the dog but as doors close, more extreme options must be considered.

Hope this helps and I hope you identify a resolution.

keep us informed of your progress

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My girl has been having similar issues. Hind legs shake when she tries to sit. She had trouble getting up. Lack of appetite. She has been to the vet several times. Blood work is ok. She is lossing protein in her urine. Now on 2 pain meds. She is almost 5. And now they think it may be a pinched nerve in her neck. My poor girl is so sad. I hope she comes out of what ever this is. Anyone with helpful info would be great.