HELP...need advice on blood in stool

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Our Raven has had some diarrhea the past few days.  My husband let her out a little while ago and she had blood in her stool.  It wasn't a lot and he said it looked a little mucous like.  She has still been eating, drinking and playing fine.  But I am worried.  

The vet always wants us to bring her in for anything and everything I call to ask about.  It is never less than $80 for anything each time.  I am looking for a new one because I feel like they are trying to nickel and dime me to death.  Just looking for a little interim advice until I can find another vet and get an appointment.  Of course, if we need to take her, we will but they don't have anything open today at all.  


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I have a rat terrier that gets blood/mucus in her stool occasionally because she has a spastic colon.  If she eats anything (and I mean anything) other than her regular bland diet of kibble and cottage cheese, she will get an upset tummy, will choose to skip a meal, and the next day, the blood will show up.  I try to keep her from eating strange things......but she's a terrier. She has a mind of her own. 

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It could be giardia, a small parasite found in stagnant water. It causes on/off diarrhoea and blood and mucous in stools. Your vet would have to do a fecal float to test for it, or you can buy over the counter meds to treat it 'just in case'. My pup caught this off the breeders other adult dog so the whole litter was treated just in case. We used Panacur (wormer which also rids giardia). Good luck!