HELP! Finding the right dog food

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My male is 2 years and 4 months, I've always struggled with him having a sensitive stomach. He has been on pro plan since he was a puppy, and has been on their sensitive stomach bag for the last few months. Over the last couple weeks his stomach has started acting up again with loose stool. He is a very active, happy, loving boy and doesn't act like anything else is bothering him. I have been reading about taste of the wild. Does anyone have any recommendations or reviews? I do the cooked chicken, rice and cottage cheese if his diarrhea is bad. I give him a little bit of canned pumpkin with his food but I've come to the conclusion that I need to change to a grain free food!

Please give me your opinions on different food options!!

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Have you taken him to the vet to make sure it wasnt more then a sensitive stomach? I've been watching this thread, and wondering why you want to go to a grain free food. I know from my personal expirance between what me an my wife think are good dog food is different. And we tried alot fo different foods with our puppy an the one that he did the best on had corn (which isnt digested very well), But it helped him gain weight with no diarrhea. I'd like to hear what others like to use also.

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rhinosmom, I feed Earthborn and Taste of the Wild. I alternate and sometimes mix. My girl does great on both. She has a nice shiny coat and is very healthy. She has the best coat of all the Dobermans I have had. She also gets free range eggs a few times a week. Yogurt is good for them too.  

Use this site to research kibbles:

The best food for your dog is the one they do best on..... but finding that food can be hard.  I would suggest sticking with a limited ingredient kibble with a single protein source. You don't have to do grain free, but I would avoid corn and wheat.... that said, some dogs do fine with those - but they are common allergens.  

I've had dogs that don't do well on chicken based kibbles - makes them itch. I personally feed fish based kibble. 

Remember that any new kibble should be a gradulal introduction. For all the crap dogs will eat, they often have sensitive stomachs. Also consider what treats you give them - the problem is not always with the kibble. 

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Axel had the same problem, only its sounds like Axel's problem was worse. Beside the stomach issues, Axel's hair was falling-out due to the itching and all of the "hot spots" on his skin. My vet and I tried many things. We found the answer to Axel's problem at Walmart. They sell their premium brand of dog food "Pure Balance." Axel eats the Lamb & Brown Rice formula. After about a month on nothing but Pure Balance (Lamb) Axel's problems were gone. Try your boy on either the Lamb or the Salmon formula and see how that works. BTW-this is not an endorsement for Walmart. They are the only ones that carry Pure Balance. I would stop his treats and give some kibbles of Pure Balance as treats. Also, get some plain yogurt and give him a small bowl every day as a treat. Hope this helps. This picture is Axel's coat after swithching food, and adding the yogurt.