Help Dog Keeps Licking his Paws.

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Here's the situation, One day we were at the park and then the next day he was licking his back two paws. His paws are infected between his pads. I did not see anything between his pads like a fox tail or anything. I have tried using peroxide and water solution. I have been having him soak his paws in water to get them clean because he will not let me touch them. Then I put his foot in peroxide to clean them and then water again. I was doing that for a couple of days then stopped because my life got extremely hectic. I am willing to do this everyday but will it make a difference? Will it help him? I read not to put any creams because that can cause more bacteria to latch on and make matters worse. He licks and bites the area whenever I am not looking. Is there any at home remedy. I just graduated from college and I just got a job so I  am broke until i start my new job which will be in a couple weeks. I extremely dislike the vet I took him too because they refused to help restrain my scared dog even when he had a muzzle on. The vet right now is currently out of the question for a couple weeks. Also I need advice on choosing one if someone can direct me to a thread that can help that would be appreciated too. I have pictures of his feet but I have no idea how to put it up on here. Please help I do not know what to do in my situation. I want to help my baby boy.

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 I would try to wash them well in soapy warm water, rinse and dry very well, then do the following***, then put tall cotton athletic socks securely on with sticky stretchy tape and fold over the tape so he can't get it off. You can get super smelly anti dog chewing tape for this or just use something flexible about 1 1/2 " wide from drugstore.

 I am answering this here because it directly relates to something I have learned.

 ***Our dog guru told us to use Anbesol on any cut or hot spot your dog may be over licking or chewing on. He has cured several dogs of their chewing on themselves.

We have used it a few times. Put a wet dab of it directly on the area, then redirect (with a treat or play or just something else that gets their attention) the dog away from their paw or whatever it is they are licking. The Anbesol will numb the area, they will forget about it, it will dry up etc. That is what you want. It is amazing how fast it can work and how it can then start healing because they forget about it.

Anbesol can be found in the toothpaste aisle of the drugstore. It is used for teething infants so it must be pretty safe.

I am not a vet! This is just a suggestion! It sounds like you may have to take your pup to a vet soon if this escalates, as there may be something inside or an infection.

Good Luck