Grey Wart in my dobermans mouth -

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My doberman is 2 this May, while playing I found a grey like cauliflower pimple on the inside of his mouth I took him to the vet a sample was taken and I was told nothing to worry about - the test was very expensive and I feel its getting bigger.  Vet said no antibiotic would make it go away but I could opt to have it removed.  I would prefer to try some type of antibiotic before surgery.  Any suggestions on this?

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If it is a wart then no antibiotic will make it go away. Is there a particular reason that you want it gone? Is it annoying your dog?

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If it is not bothering the dog, I would leave it alone.  Did find this online for some holistic way of removal, but only of you know the wart is benign, which does seem to be the case.