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Hi Guys I have a 3 year old dobie she is an ex breeders dog so has not been trained or socialised.

I have had the dog for * months now and have been training and socialising her as much as I can and she is turning into a nice family pet.

I have an issue with her though she eats her own poo when she goes to the toilet on my deck I have been trying to stop her from pooping on the deck.

I take her out for toilet walks and outsidde she goes on command but when it's ranning or for whatever reason I can't take her for a toilet walk she poo's on my deck and I try to stop her from doing this and I think she might be eating her poo to stop me from trying to correct this behaviour as I have used loud noises and a vibrating collar also I bought a large pet toilet but she won't use it.

I fed her today and it was raning quite heavily and I noticed she went on the deck and the I saw her eating her poo.

She weighs 30kg I feed her 700-800 grams of mince with offal and I give her a cup of canidae natural grain free kibble the vet says this is plenty of food for her.

So how can I stop her from eating her poo.

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There are some products out there that are supposed to help with stool eating. I've never had this issue so have not tried them.  Try looking on a store website like Foster & Smith

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several things come to mind - some believe it's an instinct to hide their whereabouts in the wild, others think it is a mineral deficiency, others consider it a behavioral issue.....no matter what it's a problem....

My chihuahua would do this and his was the mineral deficiency. He was the only one that did this......we bought a thing called FORBID it's a powder you put on their food it has no taste by itself but when they go it is supposed to make their stools very distasteful of course I would think that it would already be horrid to eat but apparently not.....it did work but he must have built up a tolerance for it cause it took more and more but maybe just a little time would be enough to shift the behavior in your dog???

Worth a try, I know fosters & smith carries it as do carealotpets I like the latter as they are cheaper on most items if you try amazon I don't know if they carry the FORBID but some online shopping should get you familiar with the names of the powder

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I would try probiotics - sometimes they are trying to get more beneficial bacteria in their gut when they eat poop.

The stuff I get is called Probios - you can get it at a feed store or online (EBay) and it's good for all animals.

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I have one dog that is a poop eater, too, and it's disgusting.

The only way to stop it, really, is to be there when it happens and dispose of the poop immediately.  It sounds like you only have one dog.  Most dogs fed regularly keep to a fairly recognizable schedule so make sure you accompany her outside when she has to go, and clean it up right away. 

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Went back & re-read the original post - yes, she is probably continuing to eat the poop on the deck (is that where poop-deck came from?) to avoid being punished.  Might want to stop the collar biz & use positive reinforcement when she does go where you want. Took out the last paragraph I wrote, think I was being rather harsh there...


Know I haven't been on here for years, but the one thing that instantly popped out at me (that no one else has talked about) is that she is from a breeder.  I'm assuming you are speaking of a BYB or even a puppy mill as no reputable breeder would have an untrained, unsocialized female! 


If this IS the case, you might be dealing with a coping response.  If she was crated or kenneled constantly, with or without pups, she would have no other way to protect her pups from the feces in said crate or kennel.