Dog flu and vaccinations

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Opinions on the dog flu and the vaccination series offered. It is spreading and our vets are recommending the vaccine. I'm very nervous as they can have side effects too.

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I will not over vaccinate my dogs. I refused his boosters while we were at the vet. The one I will keep up on is rabies but he wasn't due for that yet.

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I am with Ares, after all puppy shots, no vaccines excpt Rabies.

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I always vaccinate but my vet is very aware and informed and let's me know if it's something that he would skip.....and once everyone reaches 12 years in my household we only do rabies

For me I would rather be safe than sorry, I have not had any issues with "over" vaccinating I keep a check on what we do and when and ask about the serum used and what it's potency level is.....I would rather have my animals alive than risk their death

Trust your vet, talk seriously with them about your concerns and they should be able to advise