Diamond Natural causing diarrhea, what to switch to?

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I will be honest in hopes of spotting a better food for my dog, that I can afford.  

I fed Iams smart puppy when she was a pup, then switched to Diamond Naturals about 2 years ago.  She is 3.5yo.  I have been fighting off and on diarrhea with her for over a year.  Everything was great, then I bought a new bag of food, and ever since, I have fought with this.  Her stools are sometimes solid, other times loose.  The vet tested her a year ago and found nothing wrong but of course wanted to recommend their most expensive food on the planet.  

I am convinced it is the food.  I was thinking she was over eating so I was rashioning food for a while.  When I cut food back, she is fine BUT she has lost weight!!!  I should not be able to see her spine.  

This bag is about gone and I want to make a switch asap.  


I will mention, besides the stool issue, her overall health seems perfect.  She is VERY VERY high energy, never lethargic, coat seems perfect, tons of compliments on her appearance, but I know her diet needs a change.  

Help!  We have all the big box stores here, including costco.  Heard great things about the costco food but I am not a member there.  


EDIT, I should also mention she is almost always with me.  Work, home, you name it.  Even in the truck.  I am with her when she is out, not around other dogs, and has minimal opportunity for pathogens or parasites.  She gets regular vaccines and I treat with Advantix in the active warm season.  



If you are looking for something different, I'd not go the Costco route. Last I heard, their brand was made by Diamond. 

I'd go through the dog food advisor website and see what 5 star foods are available by you - that you can afford. There are lots of good kibbles out there - and way too many lousy ones. Not enough regulation of dog food results in lots of crappy food.

I personally feed Annamaet Aqualuk (grain free fish) - it is really pricey and not available everywhere. However, my local feed store works with a lot of the good kibble companies on a buy 12 get one free deal.  I'm paying $81/bag for 30 pounds of the Annamaet and get one free after I buy 12. I have two dogs (used to have 3) so I do go through a bag fairly quickly. 

I would definitely find a kibble with something other than chicken - mine have done fantastic on fish based protein. I'd also stay away from super high protein levels. I think what I feed is about 30% - I would not go higher than that. 

Most of the puppies from my last litter (now 5 1/2) are fed Annamaet of some sort - they all do well on it. 

I'd also suggest trying a probiotic - I feed a lot of fresh food along with kibble because one of mine has liver disease. One of the things I feed is 4% fat plain greek yogurt. Start with a teaspoon and work up to a good heaping tablespoon. 

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Our breeder had the puppies on 4Health grain-free puppy.  We live near a feed mill that carries Annamaet.  We have a lot of trust in the company, so we switched.   She did well until about a month ago.  We weren't having diarrhea to the point of her having accidents in the house, but her stools were occasionally very loose.  Our vet did another fecal smear which was negative in the office.  However, after my telling him that I was concerned because when we were walking her on a trail, she licked water from a puddle.  He decided to send out her specimen for IDEXX real PCR testing.   The panel was negative for giardia (which was my concern).   HOWEVER, they found clostridium.  He said that dogs on high fiber are not as prone to the clostridium, so we are feeding her Purina Pro Plan EN (vet prescribed).  It has 10% fiber.  We are going to do this for a month and gradually wean her to Pro Plan Focus for large breed puppy until she is a year.  He said then, if all is well, we can start to wean her back to the Annamaet.   He, too, agreed that Annamaet is a good food.  She now has good, firm stools with the EN (It is quite expensive but worth it to get her feeling better).  



You really can not do better than Annamaet - which formula were you feeding? 

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Sorry I never responded.  My mother broke her hip and I've been so busy, haven't been on here for a while.  

We were feeding her the puppy formula but then we ran into the problems with her loose stool issues (Our vet tested stool and it was negative for giardia, etc., but he felt from what we were describing that it would be best to have it sent out to Idexx lab.  He said it costs more but very much worth it for answers).  They found Clostridium.  So, Miss Heidi got put on the Prescription ProPlan EN and vet suggested after also treating the Clostridium that we then wean her to ProPlan Focus.  She did well on the switch over.  Stools were great, GAS went away (happy dance).....However, I really liked Annamaet and the service we get from our local feed mill.  So, we have been trying to give her Options - small amounts.   She seems to be getting gas again, so I have stuck with the ProPlan Focus.  Maybe she can't do the salmon???    We fed our last dog Annamaet and she did great on it.



I always say that the best food for your dog is the one they do well on. I LOVE Annemaet, but it just may not agree with your dog.  Pro Plan is a decent food, and I will tell you that Dobermans seem to do well on it.  So if it's working, you may just want to stay with it.