DCM & Seizures

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Have you ever heard of a Doberman having a seizure when having DCM?
On Sunday my male ran 10 ft. Dropped to the ground on his side. His legs where thrashing & drool was coming out of his mouth. It seemed like it was forever. He came out of it he then got up. I got him in my car and drove back home.
When I got him out of the car he was fine. I had him at the veterinarian's today. His heart is enlarged & the vet gave him 3-6 months. He listened to his heart it was beating fast. He said it was DCM just by looking at the xray & listening to his heart.
Has anyone ever heard of seizures associated with DCM?
The vet told me he fainted. I know what I saw it was a seizure. My boy Mason will be 11 this Friday April 29.


It is possible that the two things are unrelated, but I'm not a vet.  Depending on how aggressive you want to be in treating an old dog..... you might want to look into seeing a vet cardiologist for an ultrasound and 24 holter monitor to get a better picture of the DCM. He might do well on heart meds like vetmedin.   You will have to see if he has another seizure - and from what you described, it sounded like a seizure to me. 

I know it is hard to know how much to do for an older dog - I just lost one to a suspected fatal arrythmia at age 11 on April 1st. She did not have DCM - I ultrasounded her heart every year and it was good... but it had been 2 years since her last 24 hour holter (which was normal). I tend to believe she was just old and it was her time.

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Mary Jo, I'm so sorry to hear about Louise!  She was a lovely girl and was lucky to have been a part of your family.

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Lucian.. I'm sorry I cannot help you with your question.. so sorry you're going through this.. and also sorry we have to welcome you to the Forum under such sad circumstances...



M.J. So so sorry about your lovely Louise..Something about losing an older dog that is just so very upsetting.

Yes... they've had a wonderful life and for that I am grateful.. but on the other hand, we've had them so much longer and they've ingrained themselves even deeper.

Run free and strong Louise. You've been fabulous.

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I would tend to think it's 2 separate issues.

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I have had several animals with seizure activity and it is never an easy thing to watch, they just drop to the floor, their eyes roll to the top of their "head" tongues can hang out, some scream, some go rigid, some pee afterward without realizing it, some twitch and seem halfway alert, some their legs flail, some tremble and can't walk, some bite at the air - it's a scary thing......I just keep telling myself THEY don't know it's happening only me cause I can see it......afterwards most of mine slept for hours.....

Here's hoping you can get some resolution