Cold Weather and Winter Apparel

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Hello all!

It’s been a long time, I hope everyone and their Dobie’s are well, especially after the holiday. 

With cold weather on the horizon, I was wondering everyone’s take on cold weather gear for our beloved pups. Does your Doberman have a jacket, hat, shoes...etc?

I live in Pennsylvania, and Zsasz was just a puppy last winter and didn’t go outside too much. I want him to really enjoy the snow this year. Please let me know if you feel these extra articles of clothing are necessary, and also any recommendations of where to get some warm comfy gear. 

Thanks all!

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Although I live in the tropics now, I lived in Maine and NH with my previous Dobes. Never used or needed coats or booties but we were always very active when outside and they enjoyed romping in the snow. 

Many folks like Ruffwear and Made by Meadowcat does fantastic doggie fleecewear.

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I live in the mountains of western NC, and I make my 2 wear sweaters in the winter, when we are out of doors for extended periods.  But just like CRDobe they normally are way to active in the snow for any apparel, they just bang on the door when they are cold and want to come back in.    My male loves clothes and will wear t-shirts I make for him for in the house, to keep him warm, and loves his outdoor sweater.  The female on the other hand does not, and any t-shirt will be ripped off in the matter of minutes.  I have to make her wear the sweater and she has to watched so she does not rip it off.  She will even try to rip the males off of him.  However what she loves is blankets and has to be wrapped up in one in the house, when she is relaxing and sleeping.

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Although I've just got an Aussie now (who doesn't need a coat!), my Dobes loved their Fido Fleece coats. If it was a wet snow or cold rain, I'd add a water-resistant coat over the top of that. They last a long time, too - I get years out of them.

And a few years ago, I started using Pawz on their feet - lil' rubber boots. Especially good for extreme cold and SALT - which you don't want to get on their feet. I like them a lot because the dogs can feel the ground under their feet, and the rubber keeps the heat in - even in sub-zero weather, when we're done and I take the boots off, the dogs' feet are warm! I can get a good 4 months out of a pack of 12.

I'll add that we are dedicated walkers - every day - unless the weather is extremely cold (below 10 below wind chill) or pouring cats and dogs. We go 2-3 miles every morning.

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This is all great information and recommendations. Thank you all!

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I got my girls their fleece coats from Voyagers K9 Apparel at the Etsy website. You will need to take measurements but the stuff WILL fit right and the quality is there. This is custom tailored stuff for your dog and not China stuff.

I plan to buy from them again in the future. :)