Clomipramine for my Dobie

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So my 1 year old dobie has separation anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder where she has to suck on a stuffed dog toy for hours as well as licking herself.  The Vet recommended Clomipramine.  I'm scared to give her anything that could harm her or make her 'sleepy' and not herself.  Have any of you used Clomipramine before?  Does it work?  Any suggestions?

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The doseage will most likely be stepped up gradually over a two week period. Once the recommended level has been reached, and no adverse reactions noted, administer the drug to your Dobie before he goes to bed at night. After awhile this med can be given as needed rather than on a regular set schedule. Don't ever stop giving this med to your Dobe abruptly. He should not be outside on sunny days for an extended period of time in order to prevent oversensitivity to sunlight.

Try it but monitor strictly the first several weeks.