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Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and moderately new to dobermans. We adopted our first dobe 11/2013 and adopted a second a few months ago. 

I'm here to get feedback and personal experience in handling the skin issues that come with owning a blue! 

A little bit about Todd....(yep Todd)

He's approx 3 years old and came to us with skin, ear and eye infections along with the GI issues that coincide. We were able to clear up most of the active infections with oral and topical antibiotics as well as steroids. We also resolved the constant loose stools with probiotics and ProPlan Salmon formula. Of course the happy time was short lived and within 2 weeks of completing his medications his skin flared back up. Not quite as bad because we caught it right away. Another round of meds and his skin settled. 

Now we've gotten to a "maintenance" point. We started him Apoquel (it's a newer allergy medication) and he hasn't been on antibiotics or steroids for over a month. He occasionally gets "problem areas" that I treat topically. He's also getting bi weekly medicated baths. I say "maintenance" because we are still having those flare ups and I feel like I'm only keeping them at bay. ( I DO work in the veterinary field as a technician so I have a lot at my disposable)

Our next plan of action is to switch him to a hypoallergenic diet. He has an incredibly sensitive stomach and it will be near impossible to do a trial and error with the many grainfree/limited ingredients out there. 


After that NOVEL! main curiosities are --What has worked for you? Do you have preferences over the prescription diets? (Purina HA, Hill's z/d are the two we are deciding on) I've also read and heard a lot of back and forth on the frequencies of the bathing. I've already looked over storms regime and done a lot of "googling" but I'm really interested in everyone's "personal accounts"!


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Oh those dilutes lol well what we feed is and our boy has a sensitive tummy Taste of the wild he hasn't  had any stomach problems since gradually introducing this food:) we also use a coconut oil and water mixture and spray that on his coat and brush it through with a boar bristle brush. We put vitamins e oil on his elbows and hocks as well. He loves it he's a primadonna ;) we also feed coconut oil on his food once a day every day his tummy didn't like the fish oil :/

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Welcome to the Forum and bless you for taking this guy in and giving him such a good quality of love and life.

AresMyDobe has some great advice.. Sofia is a fawn and starting thinning a bit shortly after we rescued her, she also has a thyroid problem which increases the thinning and courseness of her coat.

We tried Fish oil and even the grain free salmon ToTW. It just didn't agree with her.

Due to a diagnosis of DCM we now home cook with NO sodium.. but I still treat her coat problems with coconut oil both IN her meals ( a heaping tablespoon 1x a day) and even rub it  on her.

I would be mindful of the number of baths you give Todd ( great name.)

Our home cooked meals have worked so well.. Sofia lost almost twenty pounds of fluid surrounding her lungs and heart.. and no more coughing.. ( yay.. that's such a scary sound) It's intensive, hard work and very time consuming.. and if you're interested in our regime.. I will be happy to post it for you. She's ten (plus) years and thriving.. skin and coat look so much better from the coconut oil and it's even growing back..

Once again.. welcome and best of luck with Todd.. |Keep us updated and remember.. sometimes... less is more with meds.. but my regime might not be the best for you.. always check with your vet.

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Never had a dilute so can't comment much on that. I would however, stay away from RX foods if you can... they really are not very good quality.  What I would do is look for a limited ingredient kibble with single source of meat protien.  I personally don't feed chicken because I've had 2 Dobermans that get itchy on it.  I do feed it to them when they are puppies with no problems.... go figure!  

I've stuck to fish protien and have had very good luck with it - some people have had good luck with duck. I personally feed a locally made kibble called Annamaet Aqualuk - but it isn't available everywhere.  I supplement with a couple of things, but also now use coconut oil - 1 Tb per day in their food. 

I also would caution you on the baths - I personally only bathe my dogs a few times a year unless they get really dirty or are showing. You can clean them up with a damp cloth and a spray bottle of 1/4 regular listerine (not the blue stuff) and 3/4 water.