Blue buffalo dog food

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I have heard that blue buffalo causes diarreah. Any opinions. ? Also opinions on taste of the wild dog food. ??

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Blue Buffalo is actually under criticism for lying about the ingredients in their dog foods. They say they have no byproduct meal in them, but have been tested and caught in a lie. I would skip over them.

Taste of the Wild is a fantastic kibble. I've used it many times, but due to budget, don't get to buy it anymore. But I was very satisfied with it, and Max loved it. 

Just keep an eye on recalls issued. They can be for anything.

But, if there is more to the story, please fill us in. If he's a pup trying it, if you're switching foods, which kind are you using, etc..

Best of luck!

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Bella eats Taste of the Wild  Pacific Stream, mixed with 1/3 Kahoots brand ( local pet store in CA) wild salmon , with some boiled chicken and 1/2 c of broth. Her coat and overall health are amazing.

The better foods they need less of....

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 Post photos please!


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Awwww nuts/// just bought a HUGE bag of Blue.. starting to mix it in with the old Kahoots Julie and Michael suggested.. There isn't a Kahoots close to us so we opted for PetCo.which is still four hours away.... this is their first day of the grain free salmon blue... hoping it will be okay..

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We feed Taste of the Wild as well and like it alot.  James like to mix up the flavors, and even though I'm in the "dobermans have sensitive stomachs and don't do well changing kibble" camp, they don't have any trouble switching around.