Bella Limping hind leg

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Hi all, 

 Miss some of you who've become friends and mentors around here:)

Miss Bella is definately hurting on her hind leg, I think in the area directly above the back of her hind paw. She is trying her best to hide the fact of pain, but we have noticed an increasing tenderness and laziness. Just yesterday she turned around and would not go out on hike. While in bed snoozing she became quite defensive if I touched her legs, almost growling and getting mad enough to exit the bed.

I saw her holding up her hind paw while playing in the yard.

Naturally we are very concerned as generally she is extremely active.

Any thoughts??

 Hi everybody


Julia Michael and Bella

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I would take her to the vet and get her checked out to make sure she is ok ! My golden had a limp for a long time and it progressive got worse X-rays showed cancer :( I never thought a simple limp could mean that but I was happy I got it checked out. Anyways long story short the vet is probably the smartest route to go

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I second that. I'd limit all exercise (leash only) and get her to the vet, pronto.

Hope she feels better soon!

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Sending healing prayers (and sloppy kisses from Rip) for Bella.  Please keep us posted.

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Oh Noooo.. I'm so sorry to hear this... yep.. please get her to a vet for an exam and possibly an exray..These kids are so stoic that when they DO show discomfort... they're hurting!!

Love and prayers


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Thats no good, I hope she feels better soon. Hopefull its just a strain or something that will pass. Abby has been yelping and limping on her front right, for all my poking and prodding I cannot assertain an issue. Sometimes she does, sometimes there is no sign of it. Keep us posted on Bella, hopefully both girls will feel better real soon.

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THANK YOU all of you for your advice and friendly concern about our B.

 We were planning to take her in to the vet tomorrow, Thursday, if it got worse, but Bella has definately got a good portion of her groove back:)

She was on very short leash walks and lots of rest from last Thursay. Yesterday and today has gone on 2 short leash walks. She is actively pulling on the leash and not limping. She wants to play again, but we are keeping her activity level suppressed.

She had a little grey pad like hairless area behind her rear knee. She was licking it before we noticed the limping, it seemed kind of lumpy. Right in the area over the ACL area, I think. I have been treating it with Arnica gel and the bump went away, also all the skin there got softer. She still will sit in a funny position and not bend the leg completely under. 

We are finally getting our fence done to keep her in the yard without a leash, it is going to be so nice. A lot of work and preparations. I will post piccies.


thanks again, 

 From PB an' me