BAD news at the vet - cancer

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Bruno had a follow up at the vet and we got the results back from his little tumor on his side. It's a mast cell tumor and is malignant.

The vet is very optimistic as it seems to be only in the skin, but he said it has to come off ASAP. We'll be having it removed at the beginning of next week. I am trying not to be too worried.

His skin issues turned out to be allergic dermatitis, and we're working on determining the cause. 

All other bloodwork including thyroid is perfect, so that's great news. I also got the DNA test back and Bruno is mostly doberman with a tiny bit of German Shepherd. I thought that was kind of cool to learn. 

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Oh wow.. that's a shock.. I am so sorry to hear this.. although optimistic, still scary huh.

Prayers and good thoughts headed you way along with HUGE Dobervibes with a tiny bit of GSD!!

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Lots of good dober vibes being sent your way!

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Adding my prayers and good thoughts to the ones Kate offered.  Maybe by catching it early on, he has a very good chance of overcoming it with little or no difficulties.

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Oh Bruno!  My thoughts and prayers are with you!  You have a good Momma who will take good care of you!

Hope Bruno recovers well ... Prayers to you all . Love Paola x 

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Good vibes and prayers from me and Gabe as well!  I hope Bruno recovers quickly and completely!

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Dearest Bruno,

My Mom and Dad got really bad news on me too but they caught my condition early too :)) and they took really good care of me and I am doing well, I know from what my mom has told me that your Mom has been taking great care of you and your doctor said it is just in your skin that sounds good to me, mine is in my skin too but I think it's different since yours can come out my is just all over. I will be thinking of you next week and can't wait to hear about all your adventures at the docs office. If you are super friendly to the doc he will give you treats, hehehe....I just know you will be all fine and will have great long life just like me. It's great to be loved by people who understand us. So you hang in there buddy and let me know how you are doing ok?? I will have mom check and read me your results. If you get scared you just remember we are all here for you!!!

Much Love,

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I hope you know very soon about the successful surgery and that they got it all off and that Dear Bruno is on the way to his handsome sweet self pronto.

So scary,

he's lucky to have you