Advice Please! My dobie bites her toenails!

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My 4 yr. old dobie, Lola, bites her toenails (very loudly, I might add).  She isn't obsessive-compulsive about it and it is not a daily habit.  She gets into biting her toenails  several times a week, while she's relaxing, and on those occasions, she will not stop without a physical intervention from us, or until she tires (whichever comes first).   She manages to keep her nails very short, and we ensure they are clipped as needed. There are plenty of chew toys and other distractions for her so boredom doesn't seem to be an issue. Does anyone know of a safe product that can be applied to her toenails that could help deter her?

I feel like I responded to this somewhere - did you post it somewhere else? My Harvard (aged 9) does this. I find that keeping his toenails dremeled regularly keeps him from doing it - although he never damages them by chewing on them. I round them off with the dremel - so no sharp edges. He stops doing it till the nails grow out a little bit again. His nails are short.

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My 15 month old dobie is biting and licking his feet all day long.  He also has some sort of blisters between his toes. The vet put him on medicine, but he continues to break them open by licking and biting them, along with his nails.  Any advice???