8wk possible stomach problem?!

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My 8wk old little lady has been with us for a week and it has been an amazing experience, we just LOVE her. Well last night she started showing signs of being in pain; anxious paw licking, kicking at her tummy, shaking, twitching and crying. It was horrible and I did call a local on call vet but she was stumped. I was with her at all times yesterday so I can't imagine she ate anything unusual, she pooped last night and peed many times in the night and is happy to drink so we have been holding off to take her to her vet until this morning (just have to get the child on the bus and goats milked). She is FINALLY sleeping after waking me several times in the night. Just curious if anyone might know what the problem could be? I hope her vet can figure it out because I have never been more in love (other than my son of course ;)

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Welcome to the forum - I suspect no one has answered because it would be best to take your pup to the vet! Her symptoms could be all kinds of different things.

Keep us posted!

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oh wow that sounds like a horrible experience for her not sure what it might be glad you are on your way to the vet, did you get any news today???