3yo was fine on Diamond Naturals, now stool issues.

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Looking for thoughts on my Doby.  3yo girl.  Has been fine on Diamond Naturals Chicken/Rice for probably 2yrs.  Maybe occassional diahrea.  Ran out of food and she did not eat for a day (scold me).  Got her fed on a new bag and problems ever since.  Had soft stools to full on runs for around 3 days.  Took food away for a day and fed rice and pumpkin and started her back on same food again.  Stools are off and on soft still.  


She is otherwise in perfect health so I am not racing to the vet.  As full of energy as ever, never any other issues at all other than occassionally puking but never anything in her stomach.  Bile.  I think she may have acid issues in her tummy at times.  


I sort of suspect a food issue but has done well on Diamond for a long time.  Can I switch to a different blend?  I know some feed VERY expensive foods and I have to be a bit frugal.  


Any thoughts to get this girl back on track?  Because I had a round of wormer on hand, I did treat her just in case she had something she picked up.  She likes to snack on other poop if I don't watch her!!  GROSS!  


Personally, I would look at changing her off of diamond period - I have heard that they have issues with that brand/manufacturer

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