3 month old doberman has an odor

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Hi all, I'm a new member to the doberman community. I purchased a 10 week old male doberman who is now almost 13 weeks. He is red in color. I purchased him from a family(by no means a reputible breeder). Everything is going well except now my dog has this terrible odor. It's not constant, but it seems like its becoming more noticeable. He also has some dandruff which from what i've been reading can be common in winter. I'm feeding him Blue Buffalo puppy mix dog food and store bought (PETCO) dry treats (cheese and pumpkin). His blanket and pillow in his crate seem to hold the smell and i've been washing them regularly to try to keep it at bay. Our first vet appt isnt until Jan 20th and I'd love to be able to have a grasp on this smell before then. Anyone have any experience with this???? Thanks!

Hi , don't know if he is maybe too young but could very probably be his anal glands . It's quite uncomfortable for them , not to mention smelly . Can you take him to vets sooner to get them emptied ? That's if it's his glands . Good luck Paola . 

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A puppy of this age should smell sweet and gorgeous..... I would look at his food first of all. Can you feed him a raw natural diet?? If you can this would probably cure the problem.

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I have had a couple of my dogs (not dobermans) smell like burnt popcorn that's the best description and it's horrible the beds stink and have to be washed every other day etc. I believe it was a sign of thyroid?? I know it's a symptom of a simple to fix issue if it's that smell but the vet should know by the description of the odor what to check....skin issues can cause all sorts of stinky odors go to the vet to rule out skin issues and other things.....