2 year old bitch leaking urine

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Recently I have noticed my 2 year old bitch 

is occasionally dropping urine . We have takin

her to the vets and we have managed to get a sample 

of both urine & leaking . The vet has mentioned it could be 

incontenace she had been spayed @ 9 months. 

Does anybody have an herbal remedies 


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Hi Debbieveans

 There is a thread title: VERY CRUCIAL at the page three on health section.

Someone has had success with herbs 

 read it, or maybe you have already

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For a natural remedy, you can try corn silk - it can be found at vitamin type places.  If that does not work, then there are a couple of meds that the vet can give you. They are not expensive and normally work well.

Proin is a daily supplement for incontinence, but I'd suggest trying DES first which is a hormone replacement. You start out on it daily, but then back off to maybe just once or twice a week.