10 week old puppy feedings

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Hi, Our 10 week old is currently using 3 cups a day of Blue Buffalo (morning, noon and night) and doing fine. Is just the dry kibble sufficient with lots of fresh water available. Should we be doing anything else for healthy development of body and coat? Is this enough, after he eats, he looks at the cabinet where the food is sits very cutely or jumps up on the cabinet wanting more.




Hi your puppy is beautiful , enjoy as they grow so fast ! At 10 weeks I think Mina was on 4 small ish feeds a day  . Your 3 cups may be the equivalent ? I did it by weight of food in grammes . Look on side of food bag it should recommend  usually by pups weight and age . I found if mina's toilet was ok and not too soft she was getting fed the correct amount . Dobermans can have sensitive tummies so as a tiny pup I think I kept to her food . A raw carrot is one of her favourite things ... Also good for her  . They always act hungry !!! Little stomachs on legs .... Good luck and welcome to the site . 

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Love Mina's jacket!  Where did you find it?  I've been looking for one of those for Atticus.