Don't Buy Doberman Dogs from Slobodan Maksimovic kennel BETELGES | Slobodan Maksimovic Review

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Have you ever bought a puppy from Serbian breeder Slobodan Maksimovic ?

If you are going to get one from this breeder, be aware. Here are a few reviews which will save you from any terrible experience.

Here is one posted by an buyer "MJK" (I can’t provide the link right now)- Slobodan Maksimovic - "I have so sad story, bought puppy from Serbian breeder in July, after we came home, we saw that there was something wrong in her back legs, i connect this breeder many times and he was just telling me not to worry and saying "sometimes pups grows funny" , we went to specialist and found out that there was an old fracture in the left femur between middle and distal thirds of the bone. Her leg have been growing so wrong and the "healthy leg was destroyed too, there was nothing we cud do to save her, surgery was hopeless.

And this was all because NOBODY from this kennel, breeder, kennel workers or even their vet DID NOT SEE THIS!!! So much pain for this puppy and why?

Too much puppies, no time to take care of them properly, and her sister, she had some kind of "accident" too, breeder told me that his worker left a lamp too low and in his web site he was selling this puppy by telling that her mother bite her.... Lot of stories from this breeder. All that mothers is getting more money.

He keeps deny that he did not see this, hard to believe after selling so many puppies... I probably won’t ever get my costs from him but at least i can tell around the world warning to not buy any puppy from this breeder.

I don't want new puppy from him, this really did open my eyes from these kind of breeders and i don't want to support this kind of puppy factory!

And my puppy was from kennel BETELGES, Serbia"

"Yes, I did buy her directly from Slobodan. Puppy was 9 weeks old when she came and we saw it here right away that everything was not right in her back leg. But Slobodan keeps deny that he did not see this, so hard to believe that, hi's been a breeder for so long time. Also this puppy had a fake passport, her birthday was 2 month older, and passport of Bulgaria?! There has been accident for another female too from this litter, Slobodan told me that his worker left lamp too low, when he was selling this puppy,

he was telling in web site that her mother bite her. So what is the truth? What went wrong? I would say too much is too much. This is the reason that I don't want new puppy from him, I don't want to support this kind of kennel, I just wanted my costs back and he said no. Don't want any dog from that kennel ever again, I cud not trust this breeder anymore but all he said is that I should travel to Serbia to pick new puppy, so I should pay all the cost of traveling again?!? And price of new puppy is not even enough, there is also bills from vet, our insurance does not cover damages because this happen when she was not in Finland yet. Well, he said that I should have been tell different story to our vet so that i cud have the money from insurance. Reason that i have been telling this in public, I think everybody should know that he is not a top breeder as everybody thinks! And I am not alone."