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 ok I have been doing some looking online and I am having a hard time finding a breeder or group in my area. 

does anyone know of any breeders or Groups in the Eastern New Mexico/West Texas area. I live in a small town which is two hours west of both Amarillo Tx and Lubbock Tx and four hours southeast of Albuquerque, NM.

I want to emphasis that I am just wanting to build a friendship and or working relationship with someone so that when the time is right they can help me find the right dog.



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Why can't you meet someone online? You don't need to have an in-the-flesh "mentor".


Sorry, I can't help with your search. Just throwing that idea out there.

look at the DPCA breeder referral contact people nearest to you. Find out what shows may be in or around your area and go to those. http://dpca.org/BreedRef/index.php

I found 25 people listed in TX tried to copy and paste it but it didn't come through on the list in a readable form. There are also chapter Doberman clubs in TX about 4 of them in different areas here is the link. http://dpca.org/club/DPCA_chapterclubs.htm#TX

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I am having a problem as well, finding a breeder in Texas. I am thinking of becoming a Doberman owner, I love all of the charasitcs of the Doberman. Trying to inform myself with as much information before I make the decesion to purchase. He will just be a pet, and not showed or used for a stud service of any kind. Just a companion to replace my growing childern :)

Please Help !!