destructiveness & "snubbing"

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Kingaroo was my most severe rescue case.(47lb. frozen in blood) He"s loyal, attentive. & very affectionate. I recently I rescued a female rottie. He loves Mandy, but, he has decided to completely shred his mattress, and sometimes "snubs" her. Mandy has her own house and has never attempted to even get on his bed. He's never done this before. He aides me in my rescues just as my 13 yr. old rottie used to. That's where he learned his skills. We went through some extreme greiving upon her death, as she was his "Rescue Angel" His role now: protect me as I go in. He has detered a guy from shooting me, from other dog attacks, etc. (MY hero!) Yes, we do get into hairy situations. God puts us there and gets us out, 99% of the time unscathed. In Mandy's case, it wasn't a volital situation, it was a hand-over. He seemed to be let down. Is he getting to the point that he's expecting every case to be this way? He's a very collective & intuitive fellow. In fact, on some rescues, he gets out of the car, does the job before I can get out! He Knows his job and is very proud as he brings them directly to me and smiles. "Here Mommy!"
I've replaced his mattress and scolded him for tearing the other up as I removed it from his house. He's already shredded one corner of the new one. He just looked at me as if to say "And?" Is this a geriatric temper tantrum or is there something I'm over looking? Not one thing has changed as our routine is the same every day. No aggressive behaviors at all. Could it be that he has a problem with Mandy being another rottie? I mean with the similarities of Ginny? She was his "Rescue Angel".  Or could it be that her r ???escue was not exciting enough for him? An anxiety withdrawal?