Crop ears at 5 months old?

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I have a 8 week old female and I want to get the ears done I am just not sure when.  The breeder I got the dog from swears that's its best to do it when the dogs are 5 months old, and all his dobys do have beautiful ears. The vet he recommended to me also said he wont crop before 5 months.  However the general consensus seems to be do the ears at 3 months.  So I guess I just want some outside opinions. Is there any harm to wait till the puppy is 5 months old for an ear crop?

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I have never heard of cropping as late as that. When I have had mine cropped at 11-12 weeks, they have done well, when 14 weeks or later I have had trouble getting them to stand. Some crop as early as 8 weeks.

Generally by the time they are over 15-16 weeks the cartilage in the ears has hardened and there is a crease that is all but impossible to get out.

Princess at 12 weeks

Princess at 13 weeks

Princess at 14 weeks

Princess at 8 months

Once a pup gets beyond 14 weeks with uncropped ears, I would recommend they stay uncropped. I would ask the vet that does them at 5 months to provide some references and then contact some of the local ones to see for your self.

Here is a link to the DPCA instructions on ear cropping:

5mo is way to old in my opinion. I cant imagine them standing. Would love to see a picture of what type of crops they were. Maybe they are the short pit bull type of crop. Do you have access to a picture or can direct us to one maybe a website or something? Just out of curiosity I would like to know what they looked like as to why they would have success at that late of age. I like to do my cropping at 7 weeks, I try and avoid the 8th week because it is a fear period where you want to keep everything pretty normal for them and avoid trauma. The litter I have right now I'm going to have to do it a little later and we will crop around 9 weeks.