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I have been doing alot of research on dogs (more importantly Dobe's)and depending on which site you hit or book you read, there is so many different opinions on everything from food, temperment,aggression,etc.  I found a website that seemed like it had some real good info on it, and then I ran into an article that said that you should not have you pet vaccinated?To me this sounds crazy, considering parvo and other crazy parasites that you dog is able to get easily.  I am wondering what your guys opinions are on this subject? Also I had an issue last night with Snoopy, that went against everything we have learned together and it made me feel like we were moving backwards for the first time since I brought him home.  I fed him like I normally do in the early evening(7:00) but he really did not touch his food.  Maybe a little bit but I think he is protesting me transitioning  his food to Nutro MAX, because I feel he will get more out of it health wise.  Anyway we went inside for a little while and then about 9:30ish I took him outside for one last potty break like I normally do.  We went inside and he went straight to his bed like normal.  I went to let him out this morning and he had crapped right in the center of his pillow(bed).  Now he has had accidents before but everytime it was right next to the door that I normally take him outside through(understandibly so).  I also have read that a dog will never poop where he sleeps or lays?  I am going to start setting the alarm in the middle of the night to take him out, but I want to know maybe if there is an underlying issue or if he is trying to make a statement? or if it was just an accident?  If he is trying to make a statement, what could it possibly be?  And how can I see to it that this does not happen again?

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First, not vaccinating your dog against all the illnesses would be like not vaccinating your child against all the illnesses, but while officials might charge for the the latter, they would not for the former. But both are just plain reckless. Yes, their are some risks with vaccination, but those risks are far less than risking illness and death for your dog. If you have ever had a next door neighbor bury a puppy that had come down with Parvo, especially a puppy that had played with a litter of your pups, it would convince you of the wisdom of vaccination.

All the pups in my litter survived and never came down with Parvo. The puppy in question was a Rottweiler and they are recommended for parvo vaccinations every two weeks as puppies as they are more susceptible to it.

If Snoopy is loose at night, it is extremely unusual for him to dirty his bed. This as a rule only comes about if they are confined in a crate. He may in fact be sending you a message. However, if you only give him Nutro Max, then he will come around.