CHIC (Canine health information center) what health tests should be performed

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Here is the required test to be performed on the Doberman, I will provide a link for anyone to look up just how many people actually follow through and provide all the health testing recommended.

Doberman Pinscher

Hip Dysplasia

    * OFA evaluation
    * GDC evaluation
    * OVC evaluation
    * PennHip evaluation

Autoimmune thyroiditis

    * OFA evaluation from an approved laboratory

von Willebrand's Disease

    * OFA Evaluation from VetGen or
    * Evaluation issued by the DPCA

Working Aptitude

    * WAE evaluation issued by the DPCA

Eye Clearance

    * CERF evaluation

Congenital Cardiac Database

    * OFA evaluation via echocardiography. Must include Holter examination

Next time anyone is looking for a reputable breeder this will give you a list of questions to start asking.

One thing a person would want to be cautioned about this registry is you may have a  bad test result and still be listed on this registry. The registry is for people who do all health testing recommended for there particular breed. If you take for example the female we will be breeding this summer Paris, her registered name is Rnd Chasin My Dream. When you search the Doberman listings you will find her name listed ( I have to correct my earlier post as there is only 71) if you click on her name it will bring you to the OFA website and you are able to verify that she has not only had each of these tests done but has passed them all. This would be one way of finding out the results of the testing. Owners that don't care to have everything public as myself would have to prove this by sending perspective buyers the actual tests results.