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When does the chewing stop?????  At 13 months Brinks has finished teething (I hope!!).  So I don't think he's chewing to relieve itchy gums.  I know stuffed toys are not ever going to be safe with him but he doesn't really like the rubber kongs unless they have peanut butter in them.  He doesn't chew on the furniture (at least since the couch cushion debacle) altho he feels that carpet & firewood are fair game.  (Yes - the new breed of beaver is still going strong!  long ago post  ;D)  Ideas anyone?

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If you find an answer, let me know. Red will be 7 in March, and still chews his Kong (thank goodness) as well as slowly eating his pad when bored. Princess at 14 months will attempt to eat any pen or pencil left in reach. Red no longer counter surfs as he knows daddy does not like it, although Princess has not gotten that through her head yet.

The chewing will slow down as they age and become more manageable. About the carpet, there must be something dropped and in the carpet they go after. Red no longer eats it, he just likes one spot for a while. They will learn what they can and cannot chew with time.

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Invest in Kong toys and Jiff Peanut butter stock  ;)

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:D I have a whole load of things i leave for Q when i am at work and these only come out of the cupboard when i have a working day.
Q has a ball that releases a small amount of kibble when rolled, a big yellow rubber bone with holes at both ends that i stuff with cream cheese. A couple of kongs...I sometimes buy a little tray of raw chicken necks and wedge a couple in the kong. These are very soft and takes a while to get out. But Q has learnt that if he puts the Kong on the counter top and rolls it off with his snout it will drop and sometimes...hopefully something will come out ;D
I also sometimes use those soft plastic milk cartons and put kibble in there as well. They make a very annoying noise when rattled :D
He has had a foot fin and some rope which he brought home from the beach and they are still going strong but generally toys dont last that long.