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Just in the past 2-3 days our one year old male Doberman has slowly developed a chapped/dry/scaly nose.  After some internet research there can be several causes for this: excessive sun exposure, fleas, dehydration, hypoglycemia...and it gets worse from there.  We are in Central Florida, but Chief has not been excessively exposed to the sun recently, or ever.  It has been extremely windy here (40 mph gusts) the past few days and we had a 45 degree temperature change after a storm/cold front moved in 36 hours ago.  As far as treatments for his nose, I found: less sun exposure, drinking plenty of water, flea treating, vitamin e supplements, apply Vaseline to nose or hand/body lotion.  He does dig a lot and uses his nose as a shovel, in fact, just yesterday he dug a large hole to bury his bone..in case that bit of info. is helpful at all :)

Anyone have any experience with this? Or ideas?


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Is he a red doberman? I have found this more often on a temporary basis on reds than on blacks. If it continues for much longer, I would take him into the vet. You may try some Vaseline for some temporary relief but he may just lick it off. About the only thing we can say for certain is that it indicates a problem. I live in S. Georgia, so we have very similar weather. Red has this for a few days at a time on occasion, but I keep an eye on him.

Anytime the dog's nose is not cold and wet to the touch of our bare skin, it signals a problem. If that problem persists for more than a few days, professional diagnosis is called for.

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He is black/tan.  We tried the Vaseline and that clears it up with in a matter of minutes.  If it keeps happenening we will take him to the vet.

My blk/tan girl has always had a dry nose. It doesn't chap but is not wet or moist like the other dobes I have. At shows I put vaseline on it (which she loves to lick off) It's never been a problem and there is nothing wrong with her. This dog has every kind of test imaginable. It doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with the dog.

You mentioned in your situation that he likes to dig in the dirt and uses his nose. I think this would probably make the nose drier. I know personally when I work in the yard and in the dirt without gloves my hands are drier.

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Actually, saying his nose was chapped was a poor description from me...it looks dry, scaly, and white-ish.  His nose is moist/cold 99.9% of the time otherwise.

He drinks a ton of water, so we are also making sure his water bowl is always full, in case it is happening because he is dehydrated.  But, like you said, it seems logical that digging in the dirt is drying it out too :)