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I have an almost 2 year old(I think) male Dobe named Bombay who was adopted by my 23year old son in December.  My son moved out  2 weeks ago but couldn't take him with him.  We are so pleased to keep him-Bombay is a gentle, loving dog who seems to get along with everyone. We have a 10year old Curly coated retriever and 2 cats.  They all get along very well.  I'm hoping to start training with Bombay so that he can become a therapy dog-something I have always wanted to do!  I think he'll be great he is just so gentle and LOVES attention.

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I think this is a wonderful idea for Bombay.  A Doberman would make a great therapy dog for a variety of reasons.  Welcome!

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:) How awesome, once my puppy gets a bit older I would like to take him with me to work. (Community nurse) he's a little bit to into everything at the moment to consider it yet though :)