Big Doberman, Small Doberman???

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Hi guys hoping someone can help me out a little and shed some light.

I'm looking into buying my first Doberman puppy. I've been noticing on the internet that some Dobermans look larger then others. Some American Dobermans look as though their chest is full and deeper and also through to there stomach/waste can be a lot larger then others. Where in New Zealand where im from.. looking for a Doberman, the parents of the puppies all seem to not be as large and more on the thinner side.

What im basically asking is, does it come down to the genetics of the parents or can you have any Doberman on a diet and training that will give him a muscular, deep chest and larger waste'?

Thanks for reading

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Genetics plays a large part of how a puppy will look when they reach adulthood, but nutrition also plays a part. Feeding a puppy well in the early months will give them the opportunity to be all they are intended to be. I purchased a pup locally six years ago knowing full well that he would be an over sized Dobe as his sire weighed 105 pounds and dame weighed 95. Red now at the age of 6 weighs 120+. While there are oversized Dobes like Red, they are not ideal, but he is still a loveable companion. I doubt that I would breed him however, because it is not good for the breed. His size restricts his speed and quickness and that is one of the best things about the normal sized Dobe (somewhere in the 65 to 80 pound range). The deep chest is a hallmark of the Dobe and gives them the deep loud bark as well as good wind.

I also drove a good distance three weeks ago to pick up a new female puppy, whose parents are normal sized, and I picked the smaller girl (although not by much) more for her looks and attitude than size, although she is now at 12 weeks around 20 pounds, she will be good sized. (For reference, Red at 12 weeks was over 24 pounds).

Genetics plays a huge part in this. When you are looking at any Doberman puppy or adult their chest or depth of brisket should flow down to the elbows from a side profile. Pictures are also extremely hard to tell if a dog is large or small or medium. A good photographer knows what angle to take a picture at to bring out certain aspects both good and bad in a dog. You should study the standard of the Doberman to know what is correct and what is not. A great site to learn from is the DPCA they have wonderful articles to read that adress much of this. Hope this helps some