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In your guys' opinion, what is the best food for dogs, and is that any different than the best for dobermans? Obviously, its hard to go wrong with a name brand like iams or eukanuba or purina, etc., but do any stand out in any way? Currently, I'm feeding blue or blue buffalo, whatever you want to call it, puppy. Thanks!

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Personally i use nutro large puppy . I would never feed purina, the quality of it isn't what most people think it is.

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I also feed Nutro for large puppy, Snoopy seems to like it just fine.  It does make him kind of stinky though.  I would not feed your dog Purina either as it has too many by-products in it.  I was fist feeding him Iams for large breed  but he could never digest it correctly, and it did not agree with his tummy. NutroMAX puppy for large breed is a little more expensive, but not really too much more.  I think that you will find all sorts of different opinions on here about the best food for your dog.  I was doing the same research you are right now, and found that cost wise and health wise Nutro was the best bet for Snoopy.

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I use Blue Buffalo Sweet Potato & Fish dry dog food.  This has been the only brand my dogs can eat regularly without intestinal issues.  They seem to have very sensitive systems, but I've heard it is not a typical Dobe thing. 

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For decades I have fed my dogs Pedigree. I realize that it is not well thought of in many circles, but, the fact is that my dogs have done well on Pedigree for more than 25 years. I have recently tried others, including Nutro Max Large Breed Puppy, since Princess was handed to me by the breeder with a bag already mixed with water to soften (P was only 9 weeks old at the time). That is the food she had eaten from the time she was weaned. However, now that she is 10 months old, she seems to have become tired of it, and will not eat Nutro Max Large Breed Adult or Puppy. I tried Canadae, but she turns up her nose at that as well.

She eats the Pedigree small crunchy bits and seems to prefer it over all the other dry foods. So, for now I will stick with Pedigree. Red has eaten Pedigree for almost his entire 6 1/2 years, and the Schnauzers have eaten it for their entire lives (10, 11 & 12). I have had not problems with it, so for now, Miss P has decided.

Honestly I've feed my dogs ALL different types of food from the very expensive down to the Costco brand (which by the way if you compare ingredients is right up their with the $50.00 a bag food) I've never been able to tell a difference with my dogs and their coat, energy level or what they eliminate. I've never stooped as low to feed alpo or some of the other cheap grocery brands that I'm sure would be able to tell the difference. You can tell the difference between foods by reading the ingredients and doing research on the internet. When my dogs are pregnant I tend to feed the solid gold and  wean the puppies onto that brand. The wholistic dog journal suggest actually changing your dogs food periodically, instead of feeding the same old food all the time. So we cycle between the Solid Gold, Taste of the Wild (grain free), Costco Kirkland brand and Wellness. With the exception of the Costco food these bags run around 50. for 30lb the costco is about 1/2 that price with an excellent ingredient list.

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I use Blue Buffalo also. She seems to like it. It's a quality dry food, that was recommended to me by a vet. It may be a little pricey, but well worth it.

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Check out the dog food ratings in this hyperlink below.  There are probably as many opinions on this subject as there are foods.  There are other ratings out there, and you can do your own research, to come up with your own conclusion.  Anyways, according this report, and what I have heard from a reputable breeder, and from another dog trainer is that well known foods like Science Diet, Iams, and Purina Beneful are not really good at all.  In fact their grades are downright pitiful.  Large companies with all the capital, and marketing power may be just conning people into believing their foods are best, when they are far from it.  Same with some of the vets who push foods like Science Diet.  I am no expert, but I believe most of the reports.  Just read the ingredient contents, and Google what they are.  It seems like many of the smaller companies most people have never heard of make some of the best quality food.  Who knows how much, (if any) of a difference it would make in the long run, but if feeding a better quality food even lengthens a dog's life by 1 or 2 quality years it is well worth the few extra bucks.  No matter how long our dogs live, it is never long enough.  That said, I am not taking a chance, and will always feed my dogs good quality (A or A+ rated) foods.


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Good site thanks laserstrike. I see that Pro plan (made by Purina) gets 94A points. I would really like to start feeding Q something else as he goes through a 17kilo bag now every five weeks. But so much seems to upset his tummy I just dont want to risk it.

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wow great information. I know now what not to feed my puppy!! Thank you!

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We have since moved Xander from Iams Puppy Food for Large Breeds to Nutro Natural Lamb and Rice for Large Puppies thanks to the article posted by Laser.  So far, so good.

I've heard good things about the Blue Buffalo as well...