Becoming even more stubborn...

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So within the last few days Scout has become stubborn to the point of outright disobedience.  Where normally she'll sit and wait for a command, or obey commands most all the time with the occasional need for correction, this week she will not. 
It's like she's forgotten how to behave. 

Our routine hasn't changed, so I can't figure it out. 

When I (or my wife) tell her to do something, anything, she kind of just gives us this "go to hell" look and then keeps doing whatever it is she's doing. 

Not only that, but she's annoying, both inside and out.  She will scratch at the door to be let out and then as soon as she's through the door she is either asking to come back in or she's barking her ever-loving head off so that I have to call her in, which because she's being so insolent, is easier said than done.  She's not barking at anything but the sky either.  She just runs around the yard barking at nothing.

She recently had a routine vet visit and was given a clean bill of health. 

Any ideas?

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Don't worry Yarr, you're getting close to the end of all this puppy business. Essentially this stubbornness is actually a good trait in raw form (or slightly undercooked at this age). My most obedient dogs have been the most stubborn before the age of 1.5 or so.

She just needs consistent treatment. When she gives you that Doberman "go to hell" look, you give it right back, stand over her, and give her your deep crazy Doberman-owner voice. At this stage you can't let her get away with even one little thing. 

Letting her get away with one bad thing undoes stopping 1000. She's just testing to see how in charge she is. This never goes away completely, but she will get better soon - with proper training.