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Does anyone have a Dobe with allergies?  I have noticed Nigel's eyes are bloodshot a lot and like to run and his nose runs a lot and other times completely dry and he sneezes a lot.  Do you think I should give him some allergy meds?

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That is something you should only do with consultation with your vet. While many of the drugs dispensed to dogs are the same as those for humans, not all human medicines are safe to give to a dog. A very good example is aspirin which can be fatal to dogs.

Any time I have a question on a health problem like that with one of mine, it's to the vet we go. Yes at times it can be expensive when we least need it, but the comfort of the animal is important to me. A little over a month ago Princess was having some diarrhea problems so we made two trips in 4 days time. But, by so doing we solved the problem, and while she did not gain weight, she did not lose any that week either which is very important when a puppy is only 4 months old.

It would also help you to find the cause. It could only be a temporary climate/environment situation with the change of seasons.