AHZU!. My new puppy!

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Hi All. ;D

My new bundle of join pain in the ass best friend for life. LoL

Tiffiany my girlfriend and I just bought this little guy! Early Xmas present to us. What a great idea.
Ive read pretty much this whole site, im excited to start applying what ive learned. If anyone has any other helpful things I might want to know please do reply.

Question. How rare are blues?

It was obvious who we picked when we first saw the litter!

4 weeks!

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welcome hes a cutie  - i dont know much about blues - i do know they can have skin issues so you may want to read up on that..... best of luck to you - enkoy him

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Is that an even dozen babies?? Holy  Moly!! Do all dobie mothers have that big of a litter?
Your new little guy is wonderful. enjoy and good luck. Please keep us all updated.. we love babies!!

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:) Wow you can really see the difference in the colours there. Ive only seen one blue but ive probably only seen five dobies in the whole year that ive had Q :D

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Some Dobie moms have big litters one time and small litters at other times. My first, Windy, had 10 puppies in her first litter, 8 in the second. I seem to remember Princess was out of a litter of 5, but her mom had more the first time. It varies, but 12 is a lot for everyone involved, especially mom. It places an extra load on the breeder to make sure mom gets enough nutrition to support them.

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Aww, hes very cute..Are you sure hes a Blue and not Isabella (Fawn).. In the picture with your girlfriend he looks more fawn more then blue. I have had all 4 colors. My Blue (Stormie) we had major skin issues, food allergies etc...But she did out grow . Kliche' my fawn never had a bit of trouble. But anyway.."Enjoy" and have a Merry Crhistmas