Adopting sister's dobe.

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This summer I had the opp to dobe sit for my sister. Now she needs a home for him. My research and living experience showed the wonderous nature of the breed. He is close to  3yrs and would not leave my cats alone. The final situation was the cats left the house. Like they were pushed. He is perfect in every way, after I searched for the inherit commands. But could not find any method for the 4 of them to get along, within reason. Basically no chasing and cornering them. Anybody know of a trainer that has worked with an adult dobe  with cats?

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I had a fawn Doberman female who would actually stalk a cat. I know for a fact that she killed several. When my niece came to stay with me for a while and brought her Calico with her, I moved out of the Master Bedroom into a front bedroom and let her and the cat have the MB. She had the cats latrine in the Master Bath. The bedroom door was down at the end of the hall. For almost the entire time she was there, Heidi (the Dobe) laid at the end of the hall with her nose in the joint where the door met the door frame, just waiting for an opportunity to get in there and take care of that intruder.

To my knowledge, no cat had ever bothered Heidi, she just took offense to them.

That being said, many dogs (Dobes included) get along well with cats. I think if either one is raised with the other from puppy/kitten hood, they will get along. If they are introduced when both are adults, it is a different matter. Now once a dog or cat gets along with the other, introducing a second is much easier.

Now in fact, is the dog trying to play or harm the cats? Princess wants desperately to play with the Schnauzers, but as the youngest of them is 10 and they all think that the red monsters are trying to have them for the main course this evening, they very resistant and poor Princess is greeted with snarls and snaps.

You may try to move the cats into one part of the house and keep the Dobe in another. Since cats are far more independent, they will not need the interaction with the human occupants of the house that a Dobe does. Then possible over time one by one they could be re-introduced to him. For now, they are just four strange animals to be chased because they flee, and when they go high it frustrates him.

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One of the puppies from my first litter was returned to me, and I gave him to a friend of mine whose Dobergirl had recently passed away.  They were from similar bloodlines.

My friend had a few cats, and I had no idea how Beau was with cats.  Well, the first night, he jumped right on to her kitchen table after one of the cats and he was pretty determined that cats should be eliminated from her house.  For quite a while, Beau was leashed to my friend in the house while she was home so that he could be physically restrained from going after the cats and corrected each and every time he tried until he learned that was not cool.  Beau's prey drive was pretty high.  Squirrels drove him crazy, and my friend preferred to walk him after dark after the squirrels went to bed, but he did learn that the cats were off limits and that he must co-exist peacefully with them. 

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She must have a stout kitchen table! I had a mixed breed dog that went after a cat once in my parents back yard (35 years ago) and when the cat jumped up a a small shed used to store the lawnmower (previously a large dog house) and then over a 6' chain link fence, Rambo tried to go after the cat and jumped up on the shed as well. But, he could not get traction on the slope of the roof and slid back down into our yard and the cat escaped. (It never came back though and Mom was grateful as it had been bothering the birds at her feeders).

That truly must have been a sight that was startling at the time and funny in hindsight - a full grown Doberman on top of the kitchen table.

Dobes are smart and they really want to please, so will adapt. I am of the opinion that an intelligent dog (like a Dobe) that has been "re-homed" is more compliant because they fully understand that they are on their second chance. Sometimes it does take a little work to get them to suppress some of their natural instincts and comply with the desires of Alpha. A strong Alpha also helps. One does need to be persistent with our beloved companions.

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I dont think that this should even be an issue,  I am biased.  My wife has two cats and one of them is 30lbs.  That is one big cat, but I do not like cats as they are not considered a companion to me.  This is just my opinion, but I think that if a person has the chance to be a Dobie owner that that should take presidence over the the cats. I do understand that people love their cats.  For reasons to me unknown but my wife really loves her cats.  I would just teach the dog that the cats are off limits. it is possible and that's what I had to do with Snoopy.  Just be consistant and never leave them unattended until you are comfortable with it.  My Dobe and the cats now are not by any means friendly, well let me put it this way If Snoopy could get the cats to be cool with him and play with him he would. It is the cats that wont let this happen, and at first he wanted to eat them.  I showed him that the cats were off limits just by watching him like a hawk and and spray bottle.  In some cases I would put him in his crate in a room and put the cats in there also, then he would have to restrain himself as he cannot get to them anyway.  over some time he would realize that he cant get them and lay down in his crate.  This created the enviornment of him lying down while the cats are in the same room, then I would just praise him and give him a treat.  if it really came down to getting rid of one or the other, the cats would have to go.  Really what can a family cat bring to the table to offer to the family.  In comparison to a Dobe of all dogs is not close to a match in companionship, friendship, and being a family member.  That s just m,y opinion. 

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I was lucky enough to adopt Greta at 11 weeks old, so she grew up with my two cats, who were 5 and 8 months at the time.  She always saw them as a play thing and from the get go we let her know that they were off limits for playing because I was afraid she would hurt them, unintentionally, just by rough play.  What worked the best for us was the "leave it" command and LOTS of praise with treats when she was laying calmly next to them. She is 18 months old and she still wants to play with them, and I don't think she would hurt them, intentionally anyway, but I don't leave her alone with them just to be sure.  I always make a point of telling her "you're such a good girl to the kitties" and "that's a nice kitty", I still do, and she is just so eager to please that she just wags her little tail and eats up the praise. The younger cat does try to run and play with her and she wants to play with him so badly but I will scold her if she holds him down with her paw or tries to mouth him, even though I know they are just playing. It's hard when one of them is only 9 pounds and the other one is 80.