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We adopted Zena this month from the Humane Society. She is a two year old black and tan. Very sweet and loves attention. She is great with my three kids aged 6, 10, and 14. She sleeps with them and plays with them all afternoon. She is also good with our very lazy bassett hound Buddy. She is always jumping over him playfully bitting his long ears to try to get him to play with her. Every now and then he will give in. She loves my husband and son but tends to prefer to be with us girls in the house. She follows me everywhere I go and tends to hang closer to me and my two youngest daughters. When we are out and about she always keeps the girls in sight. If she can not see them she will bark looking for them wanting to make sure they are ok. We love her very much and are so happy to have her. She completes our family.  ;D