8 week old puppy biting

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Ronnie is 8 and half weeks now and although i know he is still very young, his biting seems to be getting worse instead of better.

We have said "no" to him everytime he has tried to bite.  He is especially rough with my 2 daughters, mainly the 2yr old.  We taught them to say "no" to him and if his bites got too much to tap his nose and say no.  This just seems to make him want to bite even more, a bit like he is rebelling against us. 

Ronnie has now started coming to sit on me on the floor and nipping me hands, arms or feet, whatever he can get his teeth into.  I tell him no and if he doesn't quit i move him away from me.  He soon comes back all sorry and plonks himself on me and tries to snuggle into me, then after he has been stroked he starts nipping again.  We just go round and round in circles all day.  Its got so that Ive started getting up off the floor and sitting on the sofa and i don't want him to feel too neglected.  While I'm on the sofa he will come and nip my feet, ignoring me telling him off and even if i tap his nose he sometimes comes back for more.  Until he gets bored and goes to sleep.

We play with him quite a bit but whenever we start he ignores what ever toy we are using and starts nipping us instead.  We try to get his attention back to the toy but he's only interested in nipping and wrestling with us. 

Will this pass on its own or is there another way I should be trying?  If it is only a phase and will pass then that is fine but i don't want our behaviour to affect how he learns....

Thanks again all x

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Hi Ronnie,
congratulations on your new puppy!  Rocky Reign is my first Doberman puppy, so there has been a bit of a learning curve.  He is over 6 months old now and is growing by leaps and bounds.  My wife and I love him to death, but he is sometimes a challenge.  I don't want to discourage you, but the biting may get worse before it gets better because of teething among other things.  Dobermans as you know are VERY mouthy.  That is how they experience the world. They like to make noises, and yes they love to pick up things with their mouth and bite/chew.  Rocky is much better now, but he still tries and nibble a little bit on our hands when he gets playful.  A stern look and a forceful  ah..ah "growl" usually lets him know we are not playing, and stops it from escalating.  A two month old Dobie puppy has razor sharp teeth that cut ones skin very easily.  They get stronger jaws of course when they grow older, but their teeth does not seem as sharp like the ole puppy needles.  I am very glad I don't have small children in the house.  My puppy would be WAY too rough, and strong for a small child.  People may disagree, but I would not reccommend a Doberman puppy for people with very small children.  It can be a no win situation when the dog gets punished and banished from being around the family because he acted up with the kids.  A mature Dobie who is already trained right is another story.  He may be more gentle with the kids.  Some experienced owners out there will say it is just a matter of being a good alpha along with proper training, but it is easier said then done with an immature, and quite stubborn male puppy.  The good part is as the Dobie matures, and the owner gains experience it becomes easier.  The puppy learns what to do and what is acceptable behavior.  In my case, Rocky is still very rowdy at times, but I know how to interact with him better now to put him into a more happy, calm, and submissive state.  Just my 2 cents.  I wish you and Ronnie good luck with your training!           

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:) Hi Ronnie, I got my pup at just over 3 months so i missed out on a lot of the teething troubles. From what i have read...turning away from the pup or encouraging him to chew on a soft toy with lots of praise seems to help a bit. My one year old boy was a bit mouthy for the first couple of days but whenever he got excited and attempted to jump up and latch on I would use my knee to push away. He also got sorted out pretty quickly by the lady dogs on the beach and now never mouths at all. :D He has been playing a chase game with the local kids down at the beach this morning. The kids were on slide boards and had the advantage over Q as he wont go out into the ocean beyond his depth :)
I'm not saying Q is an angel and ive lost a few things due to those teeth including the leg of my wet suit but just lately 'touch wood' the washing is staying on the line :D Good luck and enjoy your baby :)
Ps. Once he has had all his shots, obedience classes work wonders  and dobies are so smart they just lap it up.
PPS. Photo please...what colour is Ronnie :D