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Great forum, I've spent hours reading it and learnt lots!!

I am presently considering the purchase of a male doberman puppy and am watching with interest a litter due shortly.

I've always had male dogs and do like their outgoing temperament and larger more muscular appearance.

My parents have a 5 month old male chocolate lab handful. He's only young, but seems very friendly with all dogs but maybe does have an independent/dominant streak. While I live in a different suburb, the plan would be for the male lab and male dob to spend time together which would involve extended periods at the same house when I am away on holidays or vice versa.

They would obviously be socialised from a young age - but do you think that this combo is likely to be an issue in the event that they spend a number of weeks together? My thoughts are it would be preferable for the dobe to be older - thus dominant from the outset but this won't be possible now and he will most likely be about 6 months younger.

Love to hear your thoughts?

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Five month old puppies usually ARE friendly to other dogs.  It's no guarantee that he'll stay that way.  Labs can be stubborn hardheads.

One of my puppy owners is in a similar situation.  Her parents have a male Lab, and he is extremely dog aggressive.  A lot of people think oh hey, they're Labs, they get along with anything.  Not always so.  Her parents' Lab and her male Doberman can not be together, no way/no how. 

Doberman males are typically male aggressive once they are full grown and mature.  If you get a male Doberman, and expose it to your parents male Lab, they are likely to get along for a while.  Then there may come a day when they just don't, period.  That's the thing with this situation.  It's ok until it's not.  That moment may come in a snap with little warning.  Or there may be a lot of warning that the owners just don't take seriously or recognize. 

Male Dobermans getting along with other male dogs over the long term are an exception, not the rule. 

If you proceed with this plan, you must do so with your eyes open to the fact that eventually it is not likely to work. 

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I have to  second this opinion. I thought that if the dogs were raised together, they would get along. I have two intact male Schnauzers who get along - sort of. One is the father of the other. To this mix six and and half years ago I brought in a red male Doberman puppy - Red. Now red is a mellow dog, not overly male aggressive and about six months ago was neutered.

When I brought him home as a puppy, the Schnauzers (both males and my female) totally turned away and ignored him from that point until they suddenly awoke one day to find a red monster in their midst, then they avoided him. I could let him out the back door as they came in without problems. (My female Schnauzer was spayed before I got Red).

Then I brought Princess home and one morning I was letting Red out and the Schnauzers in and suddenly Red went for one of the males and the snarling and growling was on. Fortunately no blood was shed, but ever since, Red has not been as accepting of the other males. I obviously can no longer trust them together.

However, I have also been present when two strange full grown female Dobermans also nearly got into a fight in the receptionists office at my local vet. I had one on a leash when the other came through the door. Both were on rear legs trying to impress the other with their dentition while restrained by their owners (I was one). My female is the one who is my avatar and I would not have believed it had I not been there, as it is unusual.

In short, you just never can tell which dogs will or will not get along. My younger male Schnauzer is always trying to challenge the older on (his sire) and has for the last 9 of his 10 years.

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Thanks for the imput guys.

I think it will be safer and more stress free to get a bitch!